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Office of the Attorney General

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Bob Ferguson

AGO 2021 NO. 1 >
MEDICAL BENEFITS—ELECTED OFFICIALS—EMPLOYEES—Whether State, County, And City Elected Officials Are “Employees” Subject To Withholding Under Washington’s Paid Family And Medical Leave Act Elected officials are “employees” for purposes of Washington’s Paid Family and Medical Leave Act, and are
AGO 2021 NO. 2 >
ARCHITECTS—ENGINEERS—Authority Of Engineer To Stamp And Sign Architectural Drawings For Submission For Building Permits The stamping and submission of architectural drawings constitutes the practice of architecture, which with some exceptions requires registration with the Washington State Board of
AGO 2021 NO. 3 >
INDIANS—TRIBAL/STATE COMPACT—FIRE PROTECTION/FIRE CODE—Provision Of Fire And Emergency Services To Persons And Property Within The Reservation Of A Federally Recognized Indian Tribe 1.         A fire protection district may not refuse to provide fire and
AGO 2021 NO. 4 >
MENTAL HEALTH TREATMENT—CITIES AND TOWNS—COUNTIES—Release To Less Restrictive Alternative Local governments may not categorically prohibit or restrict the release or less restrictive alternative placement of a person involuntarily committed to a state hospital or facility under RCW 71.05, RCW 10.77
AGO 2021 NO. 5 >
BOARD OF ACCOUNTANCY—STATE AUDITOR—Authority Of Board Of Accountancy To Discipline An Employee Of The State Auditor For Actions Taken During The Scope Of Employment The Accountancy Board likely lacks the authority to discipline a certified public accountant employed by the State Auditor for acts