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AGO 2009 NO. 1 >
STATE AGENCIES—STATUTORY AUTHORITY—EMPLOYEES – Authority of Public Works Board over staff assigned to it by the Department of Community, Trade, and Economic Development.   The Public Works Board lacks the statutory authority to hire, supervise, evaluate, transfer, and fire staff assigned to it
AGO 2009 NO. 2 >
PUBLIC HOUSING AUTHORITIES—PUBLIC WORKS—Whether statute governing alternative public works contracting procedures applies to public housing authorities.  Public housing authorities are “public bodies” as defined in RCW 39.10.210(12) and are therefore subject to the provisions of RCW 39.10
AGO 2009 NO. 3 >
LABOR — FEDERAL PREEMPTION — Whether the National Labor Relations Act would preempt the provision of a proposed bill regarding communications between employers and employees. The National Labor Relations Act would preempt the provision of a proposed bill which would prohibit employers from
AGO 2009 NO. 4 >
DISTRICTS—MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS—STATUTORY AUTHORITY— Status of district or municipal corporation after legislative repeal of authorizing statutes.   The Legislature’s repeal of statutes authorizing the formation of water distribution districts for irrigation and governing their operation,
AGO 2009 NO. 5 >
SEWER DISTRICTS — PUBLIC FUNDS — GIFT OF PUBLIC FUNDS — GIFTS — LOANS — Use of public funds to repair or replace side sewers.   Municipal sewer districts have statutory authority to use public funds to repair or replace side sewers located on private property if doing so will increase sewer
AGO 2009 NO. 6 >
WATER—WATER RIGHTS—WELLS—INTERLOCAL COOPERATION ACT—Inter-pretation of statutes exempting certain withdrawals of groundwater from permitting requirements, and authorizing the Department of Ecology to withdraw waters from appropriation 1.      The statutory exemption from
AGO 2009 NO. 7 >
LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS—LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES—FIREARMS—DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS—Authority Of Limited Authority Washington Peace Officers Employed By The Department Of Corrections To Carry Concealed Pistols While Off Duty 1.      Community corrections officers,
AGO 2009 NO. 8 >
EDUCATION—PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM—RELIGION—SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION—Constitutional Implications Of Adding Early Learning To Statutory Definition Of Basic Education 1. The Legislature may create a basic education program of early learning that is limited to students who are at risk of