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Bob Ferguson

AGO 2015 NO. 1 >
FOREST PRACTICES ACT / BOARD—DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES—DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY—ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE ACT—RULEMAKING—Authority Of Forest Practices Board To Adopt A Moratorium On Forest Practices Applications Due To Potential Slope Instability 1.       
AGO 2015 NO. 2 >
COUNTIES—MOTOR VEHICLES—HIGHWAYS—ROADS AND STREETS—Authority Of Counties To Allow Use Of Off-Road Vehicles And Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicles RCW 46.09.360 authorizes counties to designate roads or highways to be suitable for use by off-road vehicles, but excludes wheeled all-terrain vehicles from
AGO 2015 NO. 3 >
CITIES AND TOWNS—MUNICIPALITIES—UTILITIES—Authority Of Certain Second Class Cities To Transfer Surplus Funds From Their Utility Accounts To Current Expense Funds 1.         A city subject to RCW 35.23.535 may transfer excess income from its utility fund to
AGO 2015 NO. 4 >
ARREST—LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS—POLICE—Accepting Into Custody A Person Who Voluntarily Surrenders On An Arrest Warrant 1.         Accepting a person into custody who voluntarily surrenders pursuant to an arrest warrant constitutes an arrest. 2.  
AGO 2015 NO. 5 >
LIBRARY—DISTRICTS—CITIES AND TOWNS—PETITIONS—Petition To Establish City Library In City Annexed Within Rural Library District 1.         A taxpayer petition does not trigger an election under RCW 27.12.030 on whether to establish a city library when the city
AGO 2015 NO. 6 >
COUNTIES—CHARTERS—ELECTIONS—ATTORNEY, PROSECUTING—Authority Of Counties To Provide By Charter For The Prosecuting Attorney To Be Elected As A Nonpartisan Office Article XI, section 4 of the Washington Constitution does not prohibit a county from providing in its charter for the election of the
AGO 2015 NO. 7 >
INVESTMENTS—PUBLIC FUNDS—STATE-EDUCATION—Investment Of Certain Scholarship Funds In Stocks Of Private Companies State matching funds held in the Washington State Opportunity scholarship and endowment accounts probably may not be invested in the stocks of private companies pursuant to article XII,