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Bob Ferguson

AGO 2006 NO. 1 >
MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS – DISTRICTS – ELECTIONS – Authority of governing boards of special purpose districts to pass resolutions endorsing or opposing ballot propositions. The governing bodies of special purpose districts lack authority to adopt motions or resolutions supporting or opposing ballot
AGO 2006 NO. 2 >
SHORELINE MANAGEMENT ACT – GROWTH MANAGEMENT ACT – COUNTIES – CITIES – Extent to which shorelines should be designated as critical areas for purposes of the Growth Management Act. 1.     When a local jurisdiction designates critical areas under the Growth Management Act (RCW 36.
AGO 2006 NO. 3 >
PUBLIC EMPLOYEES – PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT – SCHOOL DISTRICTS – STRIKES – LABOR – COLLECTIVE BARGAINING – Right of teachers and other employees to strike. 1.         State and local public employees, including teachers, have no legally protected right to strike. 2
AGO 2006 NO. 4 >
LODGING TAX – CITIES AND TOWNS – COUNTIES – TOURISM – PUBLIC FUNDS – Authority of municipality to allocate lodging tax revenues to facilities in which the municipality has no ownership interest. 1.  A municipality lacks authority to allocate lodging tax revenue to operate a tourism-related
AGO 2006 NO. 5 >
SCHOOL DISTRICTS– EDUCATION – COLLECTIVE BARGAINING – LABOR – Status of “independent professional educators’ associations” as “employee organization” for collective bargaining purposes. An “independent professional educators’ association” which defines itself as not engaging in bargaining on behalf
AGO 2006 NO. 6 >
OPEN PUBLIC MEETINGS ACT – CITIES AND TOWNS – COUNTIES – Applicability of Open Public Meetings Act when a quorum of the members of a governing body are present at a meeting not called by that body. The presence of a quorum of the members of a city or county council at a meeting not called by the
AGO 2006 NO. 7 >
PUBLIC STADIUM AUTHORITY – PUBLIC FUNDS – Extent of obligation of professional football team to provide a profit and loss statement under RCW 36.102.060(8). RCW 36.102.060(8) does not require the master tenant lease between the public stadium authority and the team affiliate to contain a provision
AGO 2006 NO. 8 >
CONSERVATION DISTRICTS – COUNTIES – BUDGET LAW –Extent of county’s authority to alter budget and plan of assessments submitted by conservation district. 1.  A county has the authority to modify a conservation district’s proposed system of assessments but lacks the authority to modify the
AGO 2006 NO. 9 >
FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICTS – CITIES AND TOWNS – ANNEXATION – TAXATION – Effect on fire protection district’s taxing authority of annexing part of the district into a code city. If a fire protection district issues non-voted, limited tax general obligation bonds, and a portion of the district is
AGO 2006 NO. 10 >
INSURANCE – INSURANCE COMMISSIONER – HEALTH INSURANCE – Extent of employer’s option to provide employee health insurance without including coverage of prescription contraceptives.  1.  Employers have a statutory right to exclude coverage of specific procedures or services when they