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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1991 NO. 1 >
HIGHWAYS AND ROADS ‑- STATE PATROL ‑- TRANSPORTATION OF RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS RCW 46.68.200 restricts to the Legislature the authority to designate additional Washington ports of entry for highway transportation of radioactive waste material.  RCW 46.48.200 expires when both the Washington
AGO 1991 NO. 2 >
TREASURER ‑- COUNTIES ‑- TAXATION ‑-  PROPERTY ‑- PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD 1.  RCW 84.56.023 authorizes counties to accept payment of property taxes by credit card.  If the county utilizes this procedure, it must collect fully payment of taxes, interest and penalties without
AGO 1991 NO. 3 >
CITIES AND TOWNS ‑- CHARTERS ‑- ELECTIONS ‑- FREEHOLDERS 1.   A first class city may, by ordinance, require candidates for the office of freeholder to be nominated in a primary election. 2.  A first class city may, by ordinance, require candidates for the office of freeholder to
AGO 1991 NO. 4 >
DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY ‑- ECOLOGICAL COMMISSION ‑- ADMINISTRATIVE LAW ‑- RULES AND REGULATIONS ‑- SHORELINE MANAGEMENT ACT 1.  RCW 43.21A.190 provides that the Ecological Commission shall provide advice and guidance to the Director of the Department of Ecology with regard to the adoption
AGO 1991 NO. 5 >
PUBLIC RECORDS ‑- OPEN PUBLIC MEETINGS ACT ‑- CORPORATIONS ‑- SMALL BUSINESS EXPORT FINANCE ASSISTANCE CENTER 1.  The Open Public Meetings Act and public records provisions of the Public Disclosure Act apply to state agencies.  An organization or entity is a state agency for these
AGO 1991 NO. 6 >
PUBLIC RECORDS ‑- INITIATIVE NO. 276 1.  RCW 42.17.270 requires agencies to make identifiable public records promptly available to the public.  To compel with this requirement, agencies should act reasonably expeditiously in light of all the circumstances. 2.  RCW 42.17.300
AGO 1991 NO. 7 >
DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE ‑- TAXATION ‑- PROPERTY ‑- PUBLIC FUNDS ‑- PUBLIC ASSISTANCE 1.  Article 7, section 1, of the Washington Constitution, provides that all taxes on real property be uniform.  House Bill 1297 which authorizes payments to certain people, calculated with reference to
AGO 1991 NO. 8 >
DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES ‑- DEPARTMENT OF FISHERIES ‑- TIDELANDS ‑- PUBLIC FUNDS ‑- CULTIVATION OF CLAMS 1.   Laws of 1919, ch. 166, which was repealed in 1949, granted owners of Bush Act tidelands the right to cultivate clams in addition to oysters.  Article 8, sections
AGO 1991 NO. 9 >
WETLANDS ‑- PUGET SOUND WATER QUALITY AUTHORITY ‑- DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY ‑- CITIES AND TOWNS ‑- COUNTIES Chapter 90.70 RCW authorizes the Puget Sound Water Quality Authority to make recommendations regarding the protection of wetlands.  However, chapter 90.70 RCW does not empower the Authority
AGO 1991 NO. 10 >
COUNTIES ‑- SHERIFF ‑- CORONER ‑- MOTOR VEHICLES ‑- USE OF MOTOR VEHICLES FORFEITED BY SHERIFF RCW 69.50.505(f)(1) provides that forfeited property may be retained for use by a law enforcement agency of the state.  A coroner does not act as a law enforcement agency of the state.