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Bob Ferguson

AGO 2000 NO. 1 >
BOUNDARY REVIEW BOARDS - CITIES AND TOWNS - ANNEXATION - Authority of boundary review board to add additional territory to a proposal to annex territory to a city by the petition method. A boundary review board has authority, when reviewing a proposal to annex territory to a city by petition,
AGO 2000 NO. 2 >
COUNTIES – CITIES AND TOWNS - MUNICIPAL COURTS – INTERLOCAL COOPERATION ACT – Authority of county to decline to enter into contract with city or town to handle misdemeanor cases referred from city law enforcement agency. RCW 39.34.180 does not obligate a county to enter into a contract with a
AGO 2000 NO. 3 >
PUBLIC DISCLOSURE LAW – PUBLIC RECORDS – CONSERVATION DISTRICTS - Public disclosure status of farm plan prepared and held by state conservation district when similar record held by parallel federal agency is exempt from public disclosure. 1. A farm plan prepared wholly or in part by the staff
AGO 2000 NO. 4 >
PUBLIC DISCLOSURE LAW - PUBLIC DISCLOSURE COMMISSION - ELECTIONS - CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS - CAMPAIGN FINANCING - CANDIDATES - Status of loans to candidates and political committees. 1. If a political campaign receives a loan from a commercial lending institution which meets the criteria set
AGO 2000 NO. 5 >
STATE - EDUCATION - COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES - PUBLIC FUNDS - Authority of State Investment Board to invest funds in the advanced college tuition credit program in the stocks or other equities of private corporations. It is consistent with the state constitution for the state investment board to
AGO 2000 NO. 6 >
ELECTIONS – PUBLIC OFFICERS – CITIES AND TOWNS – CHARTERS – COUNTY AUDITOR – Holding special city election in conjunction with state general election in even-numbered year. Where a first-class city has amended its charter to create new officer positions, and the charter amendments provide that
AGO 2000 NO. 7 >
  CRIMES Ð JUVENILES Ð SEX OFFENDERS Ð COUNTIES Ð DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS Ð Financial responsibility for treatment of first time sex offenders who are charged before their eighteenth birthdays. 1. When a person is charged with a sex crime before his or her eighteenth birthday and is
AGO 2000 NO. 8 >
CITIES AND TOWNS - JAILS -Authority of cities and towns to contract with nongovernmental entity to construct, lease, or operate a jail. 1. A code city may contract with a nongovernmental entity for the construction of a jail for the city. 2. A code city lacks authority to enter into an
AGO 2000 NO. 9 >
CITIES AND TOWNS – TAXATION – LODGING TAX - TOURISM – Authority of municipalities to spend lodging tax revenues on tourism-related facilities. 1. A municipality lacks authority to expend lodging tax revenues for the support of a tourism-related facility in which the municipality has no