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AGO 2010 NO. 1 >
LAW ENFORCEMENT—LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES—Use Of Asset Forfeiture Funds For Accreditation And Reaccreditation Of Law Enforcement Agencies   Law enforcement agencies can use the net proceeds of asset forfeitures under RCW 10.105.010 for accreditation, reaccreditation, and necessary associated
AGO 2010 NO. 2 >
OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS—Scope Of Practice Of Occupational Therapy   The scope of practice for occupational therapists does not include the practice of sharp debridement. *****************************   January 15, 2010   David M. Bernstein, DPM Chairman, Podiatric Medical Board
AGO 2010 NO. 3 >
GAMBLING—CHARITY—STATE EMPLOYEES—ETHICS IN PUBLIC SERVICE ACT—Raffles Conducted By State Employees For Charitable Or Benevolent Entity   1.         RCW 9.46.0209 authorizes state employees to conduct charitable raffles, but such raffles may benefit a
AGO 2010 NO. 4 >
COURTS, SUPERIOR—COUNTIES—LEGISLATURE—Authority Of County Legislative Authority To Eliminate A Superior Court Position Upon Occurrence Of A Vacancy   The state constitution vests authority in the legislature to direct the number of judges of the superior court.  A county legislative
AGO 2010 NO. 5 >
TAXATION—TAX LEVIES—TIMBER—TREASURER—Distribution Of Timber Excise Tax Revenues When county timber excise tax revenues received during the third and fourth quarters of a year are insufficient to fully satisfy the first and second priorities for revenue distribution under RCW 84.33.081(2) and (4),
AGO 2010 NO. 6 >
WAGES—DEPARTMENT OF LABOR AND INDUSTRIES—PUBLIC EMPLOYEES—Application Of Wage Payment Act To Employees Of State And Local Governmental Agencies   The Wage Payment Act applies to complaints by state and local public employees.   *****************************   September 1, 2010
AGO 2010 NO. 7 >
 MINIMUM WAGE—Annual Adjustment Of Minimum Wage Following Decrease In Cost Of Living   Initiative 688 requires the Department of Labor and Industries to hold the minimum wage steady in years following a decline in the cost of living, until the cost of living returns to its previous peak.
AGO 2010 NO. 8 >
PROPERTY TAX ASSESSMENT—EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES—CITIES AND COUNTIES—Whether A Property Tax Assessment Levied By A City Divided Between Two Counties Must Be Reduced Based Upon A Property Tax Levy Imposed By One County But Not The Other   If a city divided between two counties imposes a
AGO 2010 NO. 9 >
OPEN PUBLIC MEETINGS ACT—Meetings Of Committee Attended By Other Members Of Governing Body   The Open Public Meetings Act requires that notice be properly given of a meeting of the governing body.  This requirement is not satisfied by notice given for a meeting of a standing committee of
AGO 2010 NO. 10 >
COUNTIES—COUNTY TREASURERS—MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS—TAXES—INTEREST—Sweeping Interest And Investment Returns Into County Current Expense Fund   RCW 36.29.020 allows a county treasurer to allocate the interest and investment returns earned on the investment of a county’s own funds into the county