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Bob Ferguson

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PENSIONS ‑- RETIREMENT ‑- LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS AND FIRE FIGHTERS ‑- CONSTITUTIONALITY OF PROPOSED DISABILITY RETIREMENT AMENDMENTS  Analysis and determination, under the Bakehus [Bakenhus] rule, of the constitutionality of three proposed bills relating to disability retirement for certain
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LICENSES ‑- INTOXICATING LIQUOR ‑- MINORS ‑- MARRIAGE OF TAVERN OPERATOR TO PERSON UNDER TWENTY-ONE (1) A tavern operator holding appropriate state liquor licenses who is, himself, over twenty-one years of age may not be denied the continuation or reissuance of those licenses by the State Liquor
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BONDS ‑- STATE ‑- MUNICIPAL ‑- INTEREST ‑- CREDITING INTEREST EARNED ON INVESTMENT OF BOND PROCEEDS In the absence of a statute, charter provision, ordinance or bond covenant to the contrary, interest earned on the investment of state or municipal bond proceeds is to be credited to the building or
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LEGISLATURE ‑- REDISTRICTING ‑- AUTHORITY OF STATUTORY REDISTRICTING COMMISSION A legislative redistricting plan formulated by a statutorily-created redistricting commission could not become effective without being enacted into law by the legislature in the manner that other laws, generally, are
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OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- COUNTY ‑- CLERK ‑- FUNDS ‑- INTEREST ON INVESTMENT OF CLERK'S TRUST FUND Where monies totalling $2,000 or more have been placed in trust with a superior court clerk in connection with a particular matter in litigation, and a litigant in the matter has filed a written request
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DIRECTORS ‑- SCHOOL ‑- CALENDAR ‑- LEGALITY OF FOUR-DAY SCHOOL WEEK A school district may not, under existing law, comply with the provisions of RCW 28A.58.180 (one hundred-eighty day school year) by merely lengthening each school day and then operating only four days per week for the same number
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PENSIONS ‑- RETIREMENT ‑- CITIES AND TOWNS ‑- POLICE ‑- FIREMEN ‑- LEOFF ‑- USE OF MUNICIPAL FIREMEN'S PENSION FUND (1) Monies in a prior municipal firemen's pension fund may now lawfully be used for the payment of service retirement, disability retirement and other pension benefits to qualified
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COURTS ‑- JUSTICE ‑- JUDGMENTS ‑- EXAMINATION OF JUDGMENT DEBTORS A district justice court has the authority, under RCW 6.32.010 and 6.32.015, to order examination of judgment debtors personally or by written interrogatories.             
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OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- STATE ‑- GOVERNOR ‑- STATE PATROL ‑- BACKGROUND INVESTIGATIONS OF GUBERNATORIAL APPOINTEES When requested to do so by the Governor for the purpose of determining the qualifications of a prospective gubernatorial appointee to public office, the Washington State Patrol may (a
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OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- STATE ‑- GOVERNOR ‑- LEGISLATURE ‑- EFFECT OF ACTION BY SENATE RETURNING ALL UNCONFIRMED APPOINTEES TO THE GOVERNOR Where, at the request of a new governor, the Senate voluntarily returns the names of those unconfirmed appointees then pending before it, the appointees