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AGO 2008 NO. 1 >
GROWTH MANAGEMENT ACT – WETLANDS – DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY – AGRICULTURE - Application of Growth Management Act to siting a wetlands mitigation bank   1.  The Growth Management Act (GMA) does not apply directly to a site-specific decision such as siting a wetlands mitigation bank, although
AGO 2008 NO. 2 >
SCHOOL DISTRICTS – FOREST LAND – BONDS – Authority of school district to transfer surplus state forest land revenue from the district’s debt service fund to a school district capital projects fund.   1.      RCW 79.64.110(3) allows a school district to transfer surplus
AGO 2008 NO. 3 >
TAXATION – PROPERTY – LEVY LID LIFTS – Effect of multi-year levy lid lift on the calculation of a taxing district’s levy lid in years subsequent to those covered by the lid lift.   If a taxing district gains voter approval for a multi-year property tax levy lid lift as permitted by RCW 84.55.
AGO 2008 NO. 4 >
ELECTRICIANS – LICENSES – DEPARTMENT OF LABOR & INDUSTRIES – Scope of licensing exemption granted in RCW 19.28.091(1) for certain utility work.   The licensing exemption provided in RCW 19.28.091(1) applies to any entity employed by a utility to perform the type of work described in the
AGO 2008 NO. 5 >
COUNTIES – HEALTH – BOARD OF HEALTH – WATER – PUBLIC UTILITY DISTRICTS – Authority of county health board to order fluoridation of water supply.   1.                  A county health board may lawfully order
AGO 2008 NO. 6 >
INTERLOCAL COOPERATION ACT – CITIES AND TOWNS – COUNTIES – COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES – Authority of city, county, and university to enter into an interlocal agreement to provide services concerning potential effects of climate change.   A city, county, and university have the authority to
AGO 2008 NO. 7 >
COUNTIES – ELECTIONS – BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS – PETITIONS – COUNTY SEAT – Authority to process petitions and canvass elections for the removal of a county seat.              1.         The
AGO 2008 NO. 8 >
CITIES AND TOWNS – FIREARMS – PREEMPTION - Authority of city to enact a local law prohibiting possession of firearms on city property or in city-owned facilities.  RCW 9.41.290 preempts a city’s authority to enact local laws that prohibit possession of firearms on city property or in city-
AGO 2008 NO. 9 >
REAL ESTATE – PROPERTY – MORTGAGES – LICENSES – Interpretation of 2008 statute concerning “distressed home consultants.”   1.                  For the purposes of Laws of 2008, ch. 278, § 1(3), a person who
AGO 2008 NO. 10 >
PUBLIC WORKS AND IMPROVEMENTS – STATE BUDGET – OFFICE OF FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT – STATE TREASURER – Interpretation of budget language authorizing construction on the “Wheeler Block” site in Olympia. 1.  The maximum occupancy cost per square foot provision of subsection (8) of the capital