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AGO 2005 NO. 1 >
COUNTIES – PUBLIC FUNDS – DONATIONS – Authority of a county to donate land and buildings to a nonprofit corporation operating programs for the developmentally disabled. When a noncharter county has acquired land and/or buildings with funds derived from RCW 43.83D (Referendum 29) and/or RCW 43.99C (
AGO 2005 NO. 2 >
PROPERTY – REAL ESTATE – COUNTIES – Authority of county to impose procedural requirements on recording of property boundary disputes resolved by agreement. 1.         RCW 58.04.007 permits property owners to resolve uncertain or disputed property boundaries
AGO 2005 NO. 3 >
INDUSTRIAL INSURANCE – BOARD OF INDUSTRIAL INSURANCE APPEALS – PENSIONS/RETIREMENT – Authority of Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals to use money in the accident fund and/or the medical aid fund to process and adjudicate appeals relating to claims for death benefits relating to public employees
AGO 2005 NO. 4 >
PUBLIC DISCLOSURE LAW – PUBLIC DISCLOSURE COMMISSION – COUNTIES – CITIES AND TOWNS – Meaning of the term “elected legislative body” as used in RCW 42.17.130. 1.  For purposes of RCW 42.17.130, which generally prohibits the use of public resources on election campaigns but contains an exception
AGO 2005 NO. 5 >
LIBRARY – FEES – FINES – Authority of public library to charge fees and/or assess fines for keeping loaned materials beyond due date. 1.  A public library organized under RCW 27.12 may not charge “user fees” for public access to library materials. 2.  A public library has authority to
AGO 2005 NO. 6 >
AGRICULTURAL COMMODITY COMMISSIONS – AGRICULTURE – DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE – Options available for organization of agricultural commodity commissions. 1.  RCW 15.66.110 would permit the establishment of an agricultural commodity commission whose members (either all or a majority) are elected
AGO 2005 NO. 7 >
DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE – STATE BUDGET – Authority to charge administrative overhead to “local” agricultural funds. The Department of Agriculture may use funds from the fruit and vegetable account, created by RCW 15.17.240, to pay for the Department’s administrative overhead expenses incurred in
AGO 2005 NO. 8 >
COUNTIES – CITIES AND TOWNS – JAILS – Financial responsibility for costs of medical care provided to arrestees after detainment but before booking into jail. The costs of providing medical care to a person arrested on a criminal charge but not yet booked or admitted to the jail fall (1) on the
AGO 2005 NO. 9 >
SCHOOL DISTRICTS – BONDS  – Degree of specificity required in school district resolution identifying purposes of bond issue to be placed on ballot for voter approval. When a school district board of directors adopts a resolution pursuant to RCW 28A.530.020, it must identify the maximum amount
AGO 2005 NO. 10 >
TAXES—MORTGAGES—INTEREST—Availability of a deduction from business and occupation tax for mortgage brokers on “loan origination fees” or “points”. Payments to a mortgage broker in connection with a mortgage or deed of trust denominated as “loan origination fees” or “points” are not deductible from