Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1993 NO. 1 > Feb 8 1993
SCHOOLS--DISTRICTS--EMPLOYERS AND EMPLOYEES--TEACHERS--SICK LEAVE‑‑FAMILY LEAVE--Ability of a School District Board of Directors to Grant Family Leave 1.   RCW 28A.400.300 requires school districts to grant employees a minimum of 10 days per year of leave for illness, injury, and emergencies.  The
AGO 1993 NO. 2 > Mar 10 1993
DEPARTMENT OF FISHERIES--FISH--Authority of the Department of Fisheries to Regulate Landings of Fish Caught Outside Washington and to Regulate Size Limits Based on Different Types of Fishing Gear 1.   The Department of Fisheries has the authority to require that salmon caught in Canadian waters
AGO 1993 NO. 3 > Mar 19 1993
INITIATIVE 276--CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS--ELECTIONS--PUBLIC DISCLOSURE COMMISSION--FINES--FUNDS--Requirement for out-of-state organizations to report campaign contributions under Initiative 276. 1.  RCW 42.17.080-.090 require political committees to report campaign contributions to the Public
AGO 1993 NO. 4 > Mar 22 1993
CITIES AND TOWNS--CHARTERS--FIREMEN--RETIREMENT--PENSIONS--Appointment of a city director of finance to serve on municipal firemen's pension board. RCW 41.16.020 creates a municipal firemen's pension board and provides that one member is the city comptroller or clerk.  If a charter city eliminates
AGO 1993 NO. 5 > Apr 14 1993
DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE--CITIES AND TOWNS--COUNTIES--AGRICULTURE‑‑PREEMPTION--PESTICIDE--State Preemption of Local Authority to Regulate Pesticide. 1.  Chapter 17.21 RCW authorizes the Department of Agriculture to regulate pesticide application and use.  This chapter preempts cities and counties
AGO 1993 NO. 6 > Apr 15 1993
DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY--HEALTH--SEWER--DISTRICTS--HAZARDOUS WASTE--FEES--Ability of Local Health Board to Charge Fees in Connection With Implementation of Local Hazardous Waste Plan. 1.  Chapter 70.105 RCW requires local governments to adopt hazardous waste plans for the management of moderate-risk
AGO 1993 NO. 7 > Apr 23 1993
TAXATION--PROPERTY--DISTRICTS--MEDICAL AID--Applicability of the 106 percent limit to levy for emergency medical care RCW 84.52.069(2) authorizes certain taxing districts to levy a regular property tax for emergency medical care and medical services.  RCW 84.55.010 establishes the 106 percent limit
AGO 1993 NO. 8 > Apr 27 1993
STATE--CITIES AND TOWNS--COUNTIES--TREASURER--FUNDS--INVESTMENTS--PUBLIC FUNDS--Ability of state and local governments to invest in commercial paper 1.   Article 8, sections 5 and 7, and article 12, section 9 of the Washington Constitution prohibit gifts or loans of public money or credit and the
AGO 1993 NO. 9 > Apr 27 1993
CITIES AND TOWNS--COUNTIES--COURTS--TRAFFIC INFRACTIONS--MOTOR VEHICLES--DEPARTMENT OF LICENSING--Ability of district courts to require attendance at a traffic school. 1.  RCW 46.83.050 provides when a court finds that a person has committed a traffic infraction, the person may be required to
AGO 1993 NO. 10 > Jun 1 1993
FIREARMS--CRIMES--Ability of an individual convicted of certain crimes to regain the right to possess a handgun upon pardon or final discharge. RCW 9.41.070(2) provides that one can regain the right to possess a firearm if the person is exempt under 18 U.S.C. § 921(a)(20).  This federal statute