Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1979 NO. 1 > Jan 5 1979
OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- STATE ‑- LEGISLATORS ‑- MOTOR VEHICLES ‑- ARREST OF LEGISLATORS FOR TRAFFIC OFFENSES Although the privilege from arrest in Article II, § 16 of the Washington Constitution extends beyond the term of a legislative session, it relates to the possibility of civil arrest only and
AGO 1979 NO. 2 > Jan 11 1979
COUNTIES ‑- CITIES AND TOWNS ‑- CONTRACTS ‑- BIDS ‑- NECESSITY FOR BIDDING IN CONNECTION WITH CONTRACT FOR SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL SYSTEM (1) In the event that a county enters into an interlocal cooperation act agreement with cities of the second, third and fourth class within the county for the
AGO 1979 NO. 3 > Feb 16 1979
OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- STATE ‑- THE EVERGREEN STATE COLLEGE ‑- SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES ‑- POLITICAL PARTIES ‑- USE OF CAMPUS FACILITIES FOR CERTAIN POLITICAL OR OTHER ACTIVITIES (1) The facilities of a state college or university may be used for a candidates' forum to which candidates for elective
AGO 1979 NO. 4 > Feb 28 1979
DISTRICTS ‑- SCHOOL ‑- LUNCHROOMS ‑- CONTRACTS ‑- UTILIZATION OF FOOD SERVICE CONTRACTORS Neither RCW 28A.58.136 nor any other present statute allows a school district to contract with a food service contractor to purchase foodstuff and other supplies, collect money, prepare tax returns, etc.;
AGO 1979 NO. 5 > Mar 21 1979
COURTS ‑- JUDGMENTS ‑- GARNISHMENT ‑- EXECUTION ‑- DIVORCE AND DISSOLUTION ‑- STATUS OF ORDERS FOR THE PAYMENT OF MAINTENANCE OR CHILD SUPPORT (1) Where a court, in conjunction with marriage dissolution proceedings, either by way of a temporary order or as a part of the final decree of dissolution
AGO 1979 NO. 6 > Mar 28 1979
DISTRICTS ‑- SCHOOLS ‑- HEALTH ‑- IMMUNIZATION ‑- CONSTITUTIONALITY OF IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENT FOR SCHOOL ATTENDANCE Certain proposed legislation now pending before the state legislature (see Senate Bill No. 2241 and House Bill No. 502) to require specified immunizations of school age children as
AGO 1979 NO. 7 > Apr 2 1979
DISTRICTS ‑- IRRIGATION ‑- SEWER ‑- MERGER OF SEWER DISTRICT WITH IRRIGATION DISTRICTS ‑- EXTENSION OF SEWER SERVICE FOLLOWING MERGER RCW 56.08.020 and RCW 56.16.030 apply to sewer districts and not to irrigation districts; therefore, once a sewer district has been merged into an irrigation
AGO 1979 NO. 8 > Apr 5 1979
COUNTIES ‑- FUNDS ‑- INSURANCE ‑- TORT CLAIMS ‑- CREATION OF A SPECIAL COUNTY FUND FOR THE PAYMENT OF TORT CLAIMS NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE (1) RCW 36.33.065 does not authorize a board of county commissioners to establish a special fund for the payment of only a certain category of claims against a
AGO 1979 NO. 9 > Apr 20 1979
RAILROADS ‑- MOTOR VEHICLES ‑- TORT LIABILITY ‑- STREETS ‑- ROADS ‑- APPLICABILITY OF RCW 81.48.010 TO PRIVATE ROAD CROSSINGS The provisions of RCW 81.48.010, requiring trains to ring their bells or sound their whistles prior to crossing a traveled road or street, are not applicable where only a
AGO 1979 NO. 10 > May 10 1979
CRIMES ‑- COURTS ‑- SENTENCES ‑- SENTENCING PROCEDURE UPON PLEA OF GUILTY TO FIRST DEGREE OF MURDER UNDER AGGRAVATING CIRCUMSTANCES The sentencing procedure for murder in the first degree set forth in RCW 9A.32.040(2) does not apply so as to permit a person to be sentenced to life imprisonment