Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1957 NO. 1 >
STATE LIBRARY - ACCEPTANCE OF FEDERAL FUNDS The state library commission has the authority to accept federal funds to assist in its rural library program; the commission may designate the state librarian as the individual responsible for carrying out the program.      
AGO 1957 NO. 2 >
TAX COMMISSION, COUNTY ASSESSORS, TAX COMMISSION'S AUTHORITY OVER ASSESSORS The legislature has enacted statutes requiring the Tax Commission to establish methods to be used by county assessors in determining true and fair value in money of taxable property, and has unequivocably directed assessors
AGO 1957 NO. 3 >
ELECTIONS ‑- PRIMARY ‑- ABOLITION OF CITY PRIMARY If a city is divided into several wards and the councilmen are elected only by their wards, a primary election is necessary in wards where two or less candidates have filed for a council seat if even a single office has more than two persons filed
AGO 1957 NO. 4 >
CONSTITUTIONAL LAW -- APPOINTMENT OF LEGISLATOR TO FILL VACANCY Where a vacancy occurs in the legislature and the county commissioners are unable to agree upon a successor pursuant to the terms of the 13th Amendment of the state constitution, it is preferable for the governor to wait
AGO 1957 NO. 5 >
CIVIL DEFENSE ‑- LIABILITY OF STATE; STATE ‑- LIABILITY FOR CIVIL DEFENSE ACTIVITIES The state is liable under RCW 38.52.180 for the following: (1) Damages to private housing facilities or property, engaged by duly authorized representatives of the state civil defense agency resulting from the
AGO 1957 NO. 6 >
LIBRARY FUNDS -- EXPENDITURE -- COUNTIES If rural county library funds are accumulated according to the provisions of RCW 27.12.220, it is necessary at the time expenditure of such accumulated funds is desired that an item for such expenditure be included in the appropriate year's budget
AGO 1957 NO. 7 >
TAXATION ‑- PROPERTY TAXES ‑- REFUNDS Taxes assessed and paid on property previously escheated to the state may be recovered under the Small Claims Act.                          
AGO 1957 NO. 8 >
REAL ESTATE EXCISE TAX‑-TENANTS IN COMMON An order by the court directing a sale of property owned by tenants in common and the sale thereafter is a taxable sale for real estate excise tax purposes.                 
AGO 1957 NO. 9 >
OFFICES & OFFICERS ‑- STATE ELECTIVE OFFICIALS AS MEMBERS OF STATE PARKS AND RECREATION COMMISSION The three members of the state parks and recreation commission who are appointed by the governor but not confirmed by the senate must be elective state officials.      
AGO 1957 NO. 10 >
BANKS AND BANKING ‑- JOINT BANK ACCOUNTS ‑- SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION (1) If a joint savings and loan association invests its funds in promissory notes pursuant to RCW 33.24.150 and secures the notes by a pledge or assignment of a joint savings and loan account, it is necessary to have the