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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1992 NO. 1 >
COUNTIES--WEED CONTROL BOARD--POLICE POWER--DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE--Authority of counties to regulate noxious weeds without activating weed control boards 1.  Chapter 17.10 RCW establishes weed control boards to regulate noxious weeds.  RCW 17.10.040 sets out the procedure to
AGO 1992 NO. 2 >
COLLECTION AGENCIES--CRIMES--Ability of collection agencies to use statutory notice of dishonor of check. RCW 19.16.250 prohibits licensed debt collection agencies from threatening a debtor with criminal prosection.  This does not prevent an agency from including in the notice of dishonor of
AGO 1992 NO. 3 >
STATE--LANDS--ENABLING ACT--TRUSTS--WASHINGTON TERRITORY--FEDERAL GRANTS--Applicability of trust requirement of article 16, section 1 of the Washington Constitution to land granted to Washington Territory 1.  The Enabling Act and article 16, section 1 of the Washington Constitution
AGO 1992 NO. 4 >
DEPARTMENT OF WILDLIFE--ANIMALS--GAME--ADMINISTRATIVE LAW--Authority of the Department of Wildlife to regulate wildlife and deleterious exotic wildlife brought into Washington 1.  If an individual lawfully acquires wildlife in another state and lawfully brings it into Washington, the
AGO 1992 NO. 5 >
CITIES AND TOWNS--COUNTIES--LANDLORD AND TENANT--PREEMPTION--Authority of Local Governments to Impose Rent Control. RCW 35.21.830 and 36.01.130 preempt local governments from imposing rent controls on residential structures or sites.  An ordinance that prohibits landlords from terminating
AGO 1992 NO. 6 >
CORONER--DEATH--Issuance of Presumptive Death Certificate When There is a Suicide Note and No Body Has Been Found RCW 70.58.390 authorizes the issuance of a presumptive death certificate if there is sufficient circumstantial evidence to indicate that a person has died as a result of an accident or
AGO 1992 NO. 7 >
UTILITIES AND TRANSPORTATION COMMISSION--VESSELS--COMMON CARRIERS--Regulation of Launch Services 1.  A launch service which only transports freight between the dock and ships at anchor is not required to obtain a certificate of public convenience and necessity from the Utilities and
AGO 1992 NO. 8 >
DISTRICTS--WATER--COMMISSIONERS--OFFICES AND OFFICERS--COMPENSATION--INSURANCE--Applicability of RCW 41.04.190 to Insurance Benefits Provided to Water District Commissioners Pursuant to RCW 57.04.190 RCW 41.04.190 provides that insurance benefits are not additional compensation for county elected
AGO 1992 NO. 9 >
DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL AND HEALTH SERVICES--JUVENILE COURTS--CHILDREN--PUBLIC RECORDS--Public Disclosure of Records of Substitute Care Citizen Review Boards 1.  The Legislature created a citizen review board system that functions in an advisory capacity to the juvenile courts, the
AGO 1992 NO. 10 >
STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION--SCHOOLS--STUDENTS--TEACHERS--PUNISHMENT--CHILD ABUSE--Ability of the State Board of Education to Prohibit Corporal Punishment in the Public Schools 1.   RCW 28A.305.130(8) empowers the State Board of Education to adopt rules to secure regularity of