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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1992 NO. 11 > Jun 29 1992
WATER DISTRICT COMMISSIONERS--OFFICES AND OFFICERS--EMPLOYERS AND EMPLOYEES--CONFLICT OF INTEREST--CONTRACTS--Applicability of Code of Ethics for Municipal Officers to Water District Commissioner and Part-time Employee. 1.         A water district commissioner is a municipal officer subject to the
AGO 1992 NO. 12 > Jun 29 1992
SECRETARY OF STATE--ELECTIONS--DISTRICTS--BOUNDARIES--LEGISLATORS--REDISTRICTING--Boundaries for Election for Unexpired Term of Newly Redistricted Legislative District When the boundaries of a legislative district for the Office of State Senate have been changed by redistricting, a special election
AGO 1992 NO. 13 > Jun 30 1992
WASHINGTON CITIZENS' COMMISSION ON SALARY FOR ELECTED OFFICIALS-- COURTS--JUDGES--SALARIES AND WAGES--COUNTIES--CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS--ELECTIONS--Applicability of Amendment 78 to Part-time District Court Judges and Qualifications for Nonattorney to be Elected District Court Judge 1.  Article 28
AGO 1992 NO. 14 > Jul 15 1992
TAXATION--PROPERTY--COUNTIES--BOARD OF EQUALIZATION--Authority of County Board of Equalization to Equalize the Assessment of Property. 1.  RCW 84.48.010 authorizes the county board of equalization to equalize the assessment of the property in the county.  The board has the authority to equalize
AGO 1992 NO. 15 > Jul 16 1992
CITIES AND TOWNS--COUNTIES--COURTS--JUDGES--Establishment of Municipal Courts and Termination of a Municipal Department of the District Court 1.  RCW 3.46.150 provides that a city may give notice to the county legislative authority to require termination of a municipal department of the district
AGO 1992 NO. 16 > Jul 16 1992
CITIES AND TOWNS--ORDINANCES--CHARTERS--Whether an Ordinance is Invalid if not Published Within a Specified Number of Days RCW 35.22.288 provides that the ordinances of first class cities, or a summary thereof, shall be promptly published in the official newspaper of the city.  However, an
AGO 1992 NO. 17 > Jul 28 1992
GROWTH MANAGEMENT ACT--DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH--BOARD OF HEALTH--BUILDINGS--COUNTIES--STATE BUILDING CODE--WATER--Requirement of Adequate Water Supply Before a Building Permit is Issued 1.  RCW 19.27.097 provides that an applicant for a building permit must provide evidence of an adequate supply of
AGO 1992 NO. 18 > Aug 25 1992
AIRPORTS--PORT DISTRICTS--FEES--PROPERTY--Charges for Use of Airport Property 1.  RCW 14.08.120(6) authorizes a port district to charge a fee to persons who use airport property.  However, this authority does not empower a port district to charge persons who do not use airport property, but who
AGO 1992 NO. 19 > Aug 28 1992
IRRIGATION--DISTRICTS--ELECTIONS--PROPERTY--Eligibility of Property Owners to Vote for Directors of Irrigation District of Less Than 200,000 Acres RCW 87.03.051 governs voter eligibility in irrigation districts of less than 200,000 acres.  Any property holder in the district whose land is subject
AGO 1992 NO. 20 > Sep 8 1992
DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES--FOREST PRACTICES BOARD--DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY--CITIES AND TOWNS--COUNTIES--FOREST LAND--ZONING--Conversion of Forest Land to a Use Other Than Commercial Timber Production 1.  RCW 76.09.060(3) provides that a forest practices application shall indicate whether any