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Bob Ferguson

AGO 2022 NO. 1 >
LAW ENFORCEMENT—POLICE—SHERIFF—Use of “physical force” by law enforcement The term “physical force” is not defined in E2SHB 1310 or in the law more generally, and therefore there is significant uncertainty as to its meaning. The most natural reading of the statute’s plain language is that physical
AGO 2022 NO. 2 >
OPEN PUBLIC MEETINGS ACT—HIGHER EDUCATION—PUBLIC MEETINGS Where A Faculty Academic Senate Is Not Created By Statute Or By The University’s Board Of Trustees, And Does Not Exercise Decision-Making Authority On Behalf Of The Board Of Trustees, The Senate Is Not A Governing Body Of A Public Agency
AGO 2022 NO. 3 >
ARCHITECTS—ENGINEERS—Authority Of Engineers And Architects To Stamp And Sign Drawings For Submission For Building Permits Washington law provides no bright line rule for distinguishing between design documents that must be completed by an architect and those that must be completed by an engineer.
AGO 2022 NO. 4 >
COMMISSION ON JUDICIAL CONDUCT—COURTS, SUPREME—JUDGES—Authority Of Commission On Judicial Conduct To Request Interim Suspension Of A Judge The Commission on Judicial Conduct likely lacks the authority to create a rule that allows it to request a judge’s temporary suspension before completing the