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AGO 2013 NO. 1 > Jul 1 2013
TRANSPORTATION—Voter Approval Requirement For High Capacity Transportation System Plan A transit agency seeking to establish high capacity transportation service that does not intend to rely upon local option revenue sources authorized by RCW 81.104.150 through .170 is required to obtain voter
AGO 2013 NO. 2 > Aug 20 2013
DISTRICT, IRRIGATION—CONTRACTS—STATUTORY AUTHORITY—PUBLIC FUNDS —Authority Of Irrigation Districts To Indemnify The United States Irrigation districts have the statutory authority to enter into contracts with the United States Bureau of Reclamation, but lack the statutory authority to indemnify
AGO 2013 NO. 3 > Aug 21 2013
DISTRICT, PUBLIC HOSPITAL—HOSPITALS—PUBLIC FUNDS—HEALTH—CONTRACTS—Whether A Public Hospital District Violates RCW 9.02 If It Contracts With A Provider Of Health Care Services That Declines To Provide Certain Services A public hospital district that provides, directly or by contract, maternity care
AGO 2013 NO. 4 > Sep 27 2013
EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES—TAX LEVIES—Authorizing The Uninterrupted Continuation Of An Emergency Medical Services Levy   Where local voters have previously approved an emergency medical services levy for either a six-year or ten-year period, the approval of at least 60 percent of the voters is
AGO 2013 NO. 5 > Nov 14 2013
TAXATION—TIMBER—COUNTY TREASURER—BONDS—Use Of Timber Excise Tax A local taxing district other than a school district may use timber tax revenues distributed under RCW 84.33.081(2) only to pay debt services related to capital bonds authorized under RCW 84.52.056. RCW 84.33.081(2) does not specify
AGO 2013 NO. 6 > Dec 3 2013
ENERGY—DISTRICT, PUBLIC UTILITY—UTILITIES—CITIES AND TOWNS—CONSERVATION—ELECTRICAL—STATE AUDITOR—Identification Of Cost-Effective Energy Conservation Potential By Consumer-Owned Utilities The reference to the “most recently published regional power plan” in RCW 19.285.040(1)(a), which was