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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1994 NO. 1 >
FIREARMS--WEAPONS--SCHOOLS--Possession of firearms in facilities used exclusively by schools. RCW 9.41.280 prohibits possession of firearms in areas of facilities while being used exclusively by public or private schools.  An area of a facility is used exclusively by a school when the school
AGO 1994 NO. 2 >
OFFICE OF MARINE SAFETY--OIL TANKERS--FEES--Authority of the Office of Marine Safety to acquire and operate a tugboat as part of an emergency response system, and to fund the program by assessing a fee. 1.  RCW 88.46.130 authorizes the Office of Marine Safety to establish an emergency
AGO 1994 NO. 3 >
PORT DISTRICTS--PILOTS--Authority of a Port District to Provide Pilotage Service Port districts are municipal corporations that have powers expressly granted by the Legislature, or necessarily or fairly in or incident to the powers expressly granted.  The Legislature has not expressly granted
AGO 1994 NO. 4 >
DISTRICT COURTS--DISTRICT JUDGES PRO TEMPORE--SALARY AND COMPENSATION--COUNTIES--Authority of district courts to employ pro tempore judges to handle excess workload 1.  A district court judge lacks authority to engage a judge pro tempore to assist in handling an
AGO 1994 NO. 5 >
LEGISLATURE--STATE AUDITOR--STATE AGENCIES--PUBLIC RECORDS--TELEPHONE RECORDS--State Auditor may require Legislature to maintain detailed telephone records for audit 1.   The State Auditor's authority to audit the records of agencies, including the Legislature, implies
AGO 1994 NO. 6 >
SCHOOLS-BONDS-BUSES-FUNDS-Ability of a school district to issue bonds to finance the acquisition of school buses 1.  RCW 28A.530.010 authorizes school districts to issue bonds for certain capital projects.  The acquisition of school buses is not a capital project.  Therefore,
AGO 1994 NO. 7 >
COURTS-STATE AGENCIES-TRAVEL AND EXPENSE REGULATIONS-Applicability of state travel and expense regulations to judicial branch of state government. 1.   RCW 43.03.050 and .060, which authorize the Office of Financial Management to prescribe travel and expense
AGO 1994 NO. 8 >
STATE OFFICERS-SALARIES-ELECTED OFFICIALS-Authority of the Washington Citizens' Commission on Salaries for Elected Officials to decrease salaries during term; effect of change in number of congressional districts on composition of the Commission 1.  The Washington Citizens'
AGO 1994 NO. 9 >
INSURANCE-HEALTH INSURANCE-INSURANCE COMMISSIONER-Coordination of benefits in cases of dual insurance coverage 1.         RCW 48.21.200, as amended, does not require a secondary insurer to pay the full policy amount to an insured who has dual or multiple
AGO 1994 NO. 10 >
COUNTIES - LAND USE REGULATIONS - ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATIONS - UNITED STATES - STATE AGENCIES - Authority of county to require federal and state agencies to follow county policies and procedures 1.         A county lacks authority to require any agency of the