Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1994 NO. 11 > Aug 8 1994
SCHOOLS-SCHOOL EMPLOYEES-SALARY AND BENEFITS-HEALTH CARE AUTHORITY-RETIRED PUBLIC EMPLOYEES-COLLECTIVE BARGAINING- Relation of subsidy paid under RCW 28A.400.400 to reduce health insurance premiums for retired employees to salary and compensation limitations imposed by RCW 28A.400.200 1.        
AGO 1994 NO. 12 > Sep 2 1994
FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICTS-CITIES-FIREFIGHTERS-PENSION LIABILITIES-MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS-ANNEXATION-PUBLIC FUNDS- Transfer of assets and liabilities of pension system upon annexation of a portion of one municipality's territory by another municipality 1.         If, through annexation or
AGO 1994 NO. 13 > Sep 12 1994
LEGISLATORS-STATE LEGISLATURE-PUBLIC FUNDS-Mailings by legislators at public expense 1.         Neither house of the Washington State Legislature has authority to adopt a rule or a policy on mailings by legislators at public expense which would supersede the provisions of RCW 42.17.132, a statute
AGO 1994 NO. 14 > Sep 16 1994
PUBLIC WORKS-PUBLIC AGENCY CONTRACTS-CONTRACTORS AND SUBCONTRACTORS-Obligation of general contractor to list subcontractors on public works bid A general contractor is obligated by RCW 39.30.060, as amended, to submit a list of the major subcontractors it will actually use on a public works
AGO 1994 NO. 15 > Sep 19 1994
COURTS-SUPERIOR COURTS-FILING FEES-PUBLIC FUNDS-STATE TREASURER-COUNTY TREASURER-LAW LIBRARIES-Procedures for dividing filing fees received on superior court cases between the state and county treasuries, and calculating the amount due to the county law library fund 1.         Current law requires
AGO 1994 NO. 16 > Sep 28 1994
COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES-COLLECTIVE BARGAINING-HIGHER EDUCATION-Authority of four-year state-supported higher education institutions to engage in collective bargaining with faculty representatives 1.         The faculty at four-year state-supported higher education institutions do not have a right
AGO 1994 NO. 17 > Oct 3 1994
COURTS-FILING FEES-DISSOLUTION AND DIVORCE-Filing fee applicable on the filing of a petition for modification of a dissolution decree or petitions for extension of judgment 1.         RCW 36.18.020(5) sets the fee for filing a petition for modification of a dissolution decree at $20; this fee
AGO 1994 NO. 18 > Oct 19 1994
INDUSTRIAL INSURANCE-WORKERS COMPENSATION-PHYSICIAN AND PATIENT-RECORDING OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS-Authority of Department of Labor and Industries to prohibit recording of medical examinations The Department of Labor and Industries has authority in prescribing the conduct of medical examinations
AGO 1994 NO. 19 > Nov 8 1994
WILDLIFE-CLAIMS AGAINST STATE-RISK MANAGEMENT-Limitations on state's liability for elk and deer damage In allowing claims against the state for damage caused to property by deer or elk, the Legislature has set a maximum limit of $2,000 per claim; this limitation applies both to claims settled and
AGO 1994 NO. 20 > Nov 17 1994
COUNTIES — CITIES — CITY-COUNTY CHARTERS — FREEHOLDERS — INCORPORATION — ANNEXATION — Options available to freeholders elected to present city-county charters 1.         A board of freeholders elected pursuant to article 11, section 16 of the Washington Constitution to draft and present a proposed