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Bob Ferguson

AGO 2018 NO. 1 >
DISTRICTS—ASSESSMENTS—PROPERTY—Authority Of Mosquito Control Districts To Assess State Owned Property Mosquito control districts lack the authority to levy assessments against property owned by the state. January 9, 2018 The Honorable James L. Nagle Walla Walla County Prosecuting Attorney
AGO 2018 NO. 2 >
OPEN PUBLIC MEETINGS ACT—FERRIES—TRANSPORTATION—Application Of The Open Public Meetings Act To Ferry Advisory Committees And The Ferry Advisory Committee Executive Committee Ferry advisory committees are subject to the Open Public Meetings Act because they are treated as subagencies under the act,
AGO 2018 NO. 3 >
EDUCATION—SCHOOLS—Definition Of “School Days” Days devoted entirely to teacher/parent-guardian conferences in public schools likely count toward the statutory minimum of 180 school days required by RCW 28A.150.220. February 16, 2018 Isabel Muñoz-Colón Chair, Washington State Board of
AGO 2018 NO. 4 >
STATE AUDITOR—HIGHER EDUCATION—MEDICINE—PUBLIC FUNDS—Whether UW Physicians Is Subject To Audit By The State Auditor UW Physicians (UWP) is likely subject to audit under RCW 43.09.310 and RCW 43.09.420 because the University of Washington exercises such control that a Washington court is likely to
AGO 2018 NO. 5 >
INDIANS—COURTS, SUPERIOR—State Obligation To Enforce Protection Orders Issued By The Courts Of Other States Or Tribal Courts Federal law requires that any protection order issued by the court of a state or Indian tribe be accorded full faith and credit and enforced by the court of another state or
AGO 2018 NO. 6 >
ELECTIONS—VOTER REGISTRATION—CITIES AND TOWNS—COUNTIES—DISTRICT, SCHOOL—Extending The Right To Vote In Local Elections To Minors Over The Age Of 17 A city, county, or school district lacks the authority to allow individuals who have reached the age of 17, but not yet reached the age of 18, to vote
AGO 2018 NO. 7 >
CITIES AND TOWNS—TAXATION—DISTRICT, PUBLIC UTILITY—Method For Measuring Municipal Public Utility Taxes A city or town may impose a public utility tax on the revenue generated by an investor-owned utility under RCW 35.22.280(32), and on the revenue generated by a public utility district under RCW 54
AGO 2018 NO. 8 >
MARIJUANA—RETIREMENT, LEOFF—COUNTIES—DISABILITY—Authority Of A City Or County Disability Board To Reimburse LEOFF Plan 1 Members For Their Authorized Use Of Medical Marijuana 1.         A city or county disability board may permissibly reimburse LEOFF Plan 1
AGO 2018 NO. 9 >
EMPLOYERS AND EMPLOYEES—Mandatory Sick Leave 1.         Employees who fall within the definition of “employee” for minimum wage purposes are entitled to paid sick leave under RCW 49.46.200-.210. 2.         Effective
AGO 2018 NO. 10 >
MARIJUANA—AIR POLLUTION CONTROL AUTHORITY—DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY—ENFORCEMENT—Enforcement Of Clean Air Act By Local Air Pollution Control Authorities With Regard To Odors 1.         Local clean air agencies have broad authority to enforce the Clean Air Act,