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Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 2004 NO. 1 >
ABORTIONS – PHYSICIANS – NURSES – PROFESSIONAL REGULATION – Authority of Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNPs) to prescribe or furnish abortion-inducing drugs, without any supervision from a licensed physician, to women seeking lawful abortions. An Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner
AGO 2004 NO. 2 >
HOUSING AUTHORITIES – INTERLOCAL COOPERATION ACT – Authority of housing authority to perform administrative services for agencies in other states. A housing authority may perform such administrative services such as “Section 8” contract administration for housing agencies located in other states,
AGO 2004 NO. 3 >
LEGISLATURE – GAMBLING COMMISSION – BUDGET AND APPROPRIATION ACTS – GOVERNOR – APPROPRIATIONS – Extent to which gambling revolving fund is subject to allotment procedures under RCW 43.88. The gambling revolving fund is subject to the allotment process described in RCW 43.88, but for the purpose of
AGO 2004 NO. 4 >
COUNTIES – JAILS – SHERIFF – STATE OFFICERS – STATE PATROL – Responsibility of county jail to accept for booking persons arrested and presented at the jail by state patrol officers or other state employees with law enforcement powers. 1.         A county