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AGO 1967 NO. 1 >
COURTS ‑ SUPERIOR - FEES - FEE CHARGEABLE TO DEFENDANT APPEALING FROM JUSTICE COURT CRIMINAL CONVICTION. RCW 36.18.020 does not require the collection of two fees from a defendant who appeals from a justice court criminal conviction; rather, the only fee chargeable against such an appellant
AGO 1967 NO. 2 >
CONSTITUTIONAL LAW - CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS - INITIATIVE AND REFERENDUMS - STATE BOND ISSUES WITHIN ARTICLE VIII, § 3 - MEANING OF GENERAL ELECTION - AUTHORITY OF LEGISLATURE. The legislature may constitutionally enact legislation designating the Tuesday after the first Monday of November of
AGO 1967 NO. 3 >
CORONERS - JURISDICTION AS TO NAVY BASE SUBJECT TO CONCURRENT JURISDICTION OF CONGRESS AND STATE OF WASHINGTON. (1) A county coroner has the same jurisdiction over deaths occurring on a navy base over which Congress and the state of Washington have concurrent legislative jurisdiction as he has
AGO 1967 NO. 4 >
CRIMES ‑ HOTELS - LANDLORD AND TENANT - CLASSIFICATION OF CRIME OF OBTAINING ACCOMMODATIONS BY FRAUD. Where facts occur which constitute a violation of both RCW 9.45.040 and RCW 19.48.110 (relating to obtaining accommodations by fraud), the crime is to be regarded as a gross misdemeanor pursuant
AGO 1967 NO. 5 >
TAXATION - EXEMPTION - COMPUTATION OF INCOME UNDER SUBSECTION (7), § 2, CHAPTER 168, LAWS OF 1965, EX. SESS. In computing the combined income of the head of a household and his spouse, for purposes of determining eligibility for the real property tax exemption provided for by chapter 168, Laws of
AGO 1967 NO. 6 >
CIVIL RIGHTS - SENTENCES - OFFICES AND OFFICERS - SUPERIOR COURT - PAROLE BOARD - GOVERNOR - WHO MAY DISCHARGE AND RESTORE CIVIL RIGHTS TO A PERSON UNDER A SUSPENDED SENTENCE. A person under a sentence suspended pursuant to RCW 9.92.060 may receive final discharge and restoration to civil rights
AGO 1967 NO. 7 >
COUNTIES - ORDINANCES - POLICE POWER - MOTORBOATS - REGISTRATION REQUIREMENT. Under existing federal and state law, there is considerable doubt as to the authority of a county when enacting an ordinance establishing regulations pertaining to speed and manner of operation of motorboats to include
AGO 1967 NO. 8 >
ANNEXATION - CITIES AND TOWNS - UNINCORPORATED TERRITORY - EFFECT OF ON WATER COMPANY FRANCHISE. The annexation of unincorporated territory by a city or town would not abrogate a franchise previously granted by a board of county commissioners to a private water company operating solely within the
AGO 1967 NO. 9 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - COUNTIES - FIRST, SECOND OR THIRD CLASS - SHERIFF - APPOINTMENTS OUTSIDE CLASSIFIED CIVIL SERVICE - JAILER - HEAD JAILER. The only positions which are outside the classified civil service in the sheriff's office of a first, second or third class county are the positions of
AGO 1967 NO. 10 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - STATE - BUDGET DIRECTOR - AUTHORITY TO APPROVE OR DISAPPROVE ON A PIECE MEAL BASIS REVISION OF SALARY SCHEDULE OF CIVIL SERVICE EMPLOYEES BY PERSONNEL BOARD. When the state personnel board makes a revision of the salary schedule for classified employees under the state civil