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AGO 1967 NO. 11 >
TAXATION - EXEMPTION - ELIGIBILITY OF LIFE TENANT FOR TAX EXEMPTION UNDER CHAPTER 168, LAWS OF 1965, EX. SESS. Under the existing legislative implementation of Amendment 47 to the state constitution, a life tenant (i.e., one who holds only a life estate) in residential real property does not have
AGO 1967 NO. 12 >
CITIES AND TOWNS - THIRD CLASS - HIGHWAYS - CONSTRUCTION OF SPEED CONTROL BUMPS. Since state law prohibits the erection or maintenance, without approval of the state highway commission, of any traffic control device on a city street which has been designated as a part of the state highway system,
AGO 1967 NO. 13 >
TAXATION - EXEMPTION - ELIGIBILITY OF TRUSTOR - BENEFICIARY OF A REVOCABLE TRUST FOR TAX EXEMPTION UNDER CHAPTER 168, LAWS OF 1965, EX. SESS. Where a property owner, who is otherwise qualified for the tax exemption under chapter 168, Laws of 1965, Ex. Sess., has conveyed his residence to a trustee
AGO 1967 NO. 14 >
REAL ESTATE - CIVIL RIGHTS - ACCEPTANCE OF REAL ESTATE LISTINGS FROM PROPERTY OWNERS WHO MAY DESIRE TO DISCRIMINATE. (1) Under the provisions of the nondiscrimination amendment to RCW 18.85.230 (relating to the suspension, revocation or denial of real estate licenses), as enacted by the 1967
AGO 1967 NO. 15 >
LABOR - CONTRACTS - PUBLIC WORKS - APPLICATION OF PREVAILING WAGE LAW TO PREFABRICATION - STANDARDS FOR DETERMINING PREVAILING WAGE. (1) The requirement of chapter 39.12 RCW that "the prevailing rate of wage" be paid to laborers, workmen or mechanics upon all public works of the state, or any
AGO 1967 NO. 16 >
TAXATION - EXEMPTION - APPLICATION OF TAX EXEMPTION PROVIDED FOR BY CHAPTER 168, LAWS OF 1965, EX. SESS., TO TAXES LEVIED BY CITY UNDER TERRITORIAL CHARTER. The real property tax exemption provided for by § 2, chapter 168, Laws of 1965, Ex. Sess., with regard to certain retired persons, is
AGO 1967 NO. 17 >
COLLEGES - COMMUNITY - DISTRICTS - TRUSTEES - MEMBER OF LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD. A member of a local school district board of directors may be nominated for the position of community college district trustee under the community college act of 1967, chapter 8, Laws of 1967, Ex. Sess.; however,
AGO 1967 NO. 18 >
CITIES AND TOWNS - ELECTIONS - COSTS - LIABILITY OF NEWLY INCORPORATED CITY OR TOWN FOR COSTS OF INCORPORATION ELECTION. A newly incorporated city or town, which has been incorporated pursuant to an election held under the provisions of chapter 35.02 RCW is not liable to the county in which it is
AGO 1967 NO. 19 >
DISTRICTS - WATER - DEBT LIMITATION. The debt limitation of a water district is to be calculated on the basis of the actual value of the taxable property located therein, and not upon the basis of the assessed valuation of such property
AGO 1967 NO. 20 >
TAXATION - NOTICE - PERSONS ENTITLED TO NOTICE OF PROPERTY TAXES DUE - REFUND OF TAXES PAID WITHOUT PROTEST. (1) When a county treasurer gives notice of the amount of property listed for taxation and of the taxes due, he must give such notice to the person whose name appears on the tax roll as