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PROFESSIONAL REGULATION—PHYSICIANS—NURSES—ABORTIONS—Authority Of Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners And Physician Assistants To Perform Pre-Viability Aspiration Abortions The Reproductive Privacy Act (Initiative 120) allows physician assistants and advanced registered nurse practitioners to
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ELECTIONS—Constitutionality Of Possible Legislation Requiring That Candidates For President And Vice President Of The United States Disclose Their Federal Tax Returns As A Condition Of Appearing On The Ballot Washington likely may require that candidates for President and Vice President disclose
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REAL ESTATE—PUBLIC RECORDS—PROPERTY—NAMES—Listings Of Taxable Property As Lists Of Names Of Individuals Requested For A Commercial Purpose A request for access to an alphabetical listing of personal property owners constitutes a request for a list of individuals which must be denied under RCW 42.56
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ATTORNEY, PROSECUTING—COUNTIES—Consent Of County Prosecutor For Appointment Of Outside Counsel The consent of the county prosecuting attorney is required for the appointment of outside counsel to represent the county under a joint self-insurance program. September 30, 2019 The Honorable Tim
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GOVERNOR—LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR—ELECTED OFFICIALS—Service As Acting Governor When Both The Governor And The Lieutenant Governor Are Absent From The State The powers and duties of the Office of Governor are vested in the Elected Governor when both the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor are out of
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OFFICES AND OFFICERS—STATE—LEGISLATORS—VACANCY—COUNTIES—POLITICAL PARTIES—Eligibility Of Member Of County Legislative Authority To Receive Appointment To Fill Legislative Vacancy Nothing in Washington law precludes sitting county commissioners or councilmembers from being eligible for appointment
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LANDLORD AND TENANT—MILITARY—Termination Of A Lease By A Service Member 1. Service members may generally terminate a residential lease following retirement or separation orders, if certain conditions are met. It is less clear whether service members may terminate a lease after receiving orders