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Bob Ferguson

AGO 2002 NO. 1 >
COUNTIES – TAXATION – Authority of rural county to use special sales tax revenues to pay for installation of fiber optic cable for privately–owned electrical utility. 1.         A county may not use revenue from taxes levied under RCW 82.14.370 to acquire or
AGO 2002 NO. 2 >
COUNTIES – CITIES – PORT DISTRICTS – STATE AGENCIES – PUBLIC DISCLOSURE ACT – PUBLIC RECORDS – Applicability of public records sections of RCW 42.17 to associations comprised of counties, county officials, cities, and port districts. While associations comprised of counties or local public officers
AGO 2002 NO. 3 >
WILDLIFE – TRAPPING – Applicability of statutory prohibition against "body-gripping traps" to certain mole traps. The term "body-gripping trap" as used in RCW 77.15.192 includes a mole trap designed to immobilize a mole by piercing and impaling its body on a sharp metal rod
AGO 2002 NO. 4 >
FIREARMS – CRIMES – When convicted persons are entitled to restoration of firearm possession rights. 1.  RCW 9.41.040 defines the circumstances under which a person convicted of a misdemeanor might lose the right to possess a firearm and the circumstances in which such a right might be
AGO 2002 NO. 5 >
INSURANCE – INSURANCE COMMISSIONER – HEALTH INSURANCE – Interpretation of “conscientious objection” statute allowing employers to refrain from including certain items in the employee health care benefit package. 1. If an employer offers its employees a health care package that includes prescription
AGO 2002 NO. 6 >
COUNTIES – COUNTY AUDITOR – RECORDING DOCUMENTS – Discretion of recording officer to decide whether to deliver or transmit recorded document. ************************************* October 30, 2002 Honorable James Nagle Walla Walla County Prosecuting Attorney 240 West Alder #201 Walla Walla,
AGO 2002 NO. 7 >
PUBLIC UTILITY DISTRICTS – ELECTIONS – DISTRICTS –COUNTYAUDITOR 1.         When the commissioners of public utility districts draw new commissioner districts after a decessional census, they must include in their plan all the territory within any city which