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AGO 2014 NO. 1 >
VACANCY—CONSTITUTION—COUNTIES—ATTORNEY, PROSECUTING—COUNTY COMMISSIONER—POLITICAL PARTIES—Process For Appointing A New County Prosecuting Attorney To Fill A Vacancy If the county commission appoints a person to fill a vacancy in the office of county prosecuting attorney within 60 days of the
AGO 2014 NO. 2 >
STATUTES—INITIATIVE AND REFERENDUM—ORDINANCES—COUNTIES—CITIES AND TOWNS—PREEMPTION—POLICE POWERS—Whether Statewide Initiative Establishing System For Licensing Marijuana Producers, Processors, And Retailers Preempts Local Ordinances Initiative 502, which establishes a licensing and regulatory
AGO 2014 NO. 3 >
TORT LIABILITY—EMERGENCIES—VOLUNTEERS—EMPLOYERS AND EMPLOYEES—Immunity From Liability For Acts Of Covered Volunteer Emergency Workers An organization that sponsors a team of its members to act as covered volunteer emergency workers is immune from liability under RCW 38.52.180(3)(d) or (f) only if
AGO 2014 NO. 4 >
FEES—TOLLS—FERRIES—INITIATIVE AND REFERENDUM—LEGISLATURE— AMENDMENTS—STATUTORY AUTHORITY—TRANSPORTATION COMMISSION —Whether RCW 43.135.055(1) Supersedes The Delegation Of Authority To The Transportation Commission To Set Toll Rates And Ferry Fares RCW 43.135.055(1), as most recently amended by
AGO 2014 NO. 5 >
COLLECTIVE BARGAINING—BENEFITS—HEALTH INSURANCE—RETIREMENT—Whether Supplemental Retirement Benefits Or Retiree Health And Welfare Benefits For State Employees Are Mandatory, Permissive, Or Illegal Subjects For Collective Bargaining RCW 41.80.040(5) prohibits the State, as an employer, from engaging
AGO 2014 NO. 6 >
FIREARMS—CRIMES—Whether A Criminal Conviction In A Foreign Country Disqualifies An Applicant From Obtaining A Concealed Pistol License An individual who has been convicted in a foreign country of a crime that is comparable to a felony under Washington law is prohibited from possessing a firearm
AGO 2014 NO. 7 >
COUNTIES—COUNTY COMMISSIONER—LEGISLATIVE AUTHORITY—PUBLIC MEETINGS—Whether A County Legislative Authority Can Meet Outside The County To Hold A Joint Meeting With Another County’s Legislative Authority A county legislative authority may not meet outside of its county in order to hold a joint
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LAW ENFORCEMENT—PRIVACY—RECORDING CONVERSATIONS—Video And Audio Recording Of Communications Between Citizens And Law Enforcement Officers Using Body Cameras Attached To Police Uniforms The Washington Privacy Act, RCW 9.73, does not require the consent of a law enforcement officer to use body