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AGO 1968 NO. 1 >
BANKS AND BANKING - BILLS AND NOTES - USURY - LENDER'S RIGHT TO ASSESS REASONABLE CHARGES FOR SERVICES RENDERED IN SETTING UP A LOAN. The legislature, by amending RCW 19.52.020 (through enactment of § 4, chapter 23, Laws of 1967, Ex. Sess.) so as to grant to lenders of money the right to collect
AGO 1968 NO. 2 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES - LICENSES - OCCUPATIONAL DRIVERS' LICENSES. (1) The judge with whom an application for an occupational driver's license is filed, rather than the director of the department of motor vehicles, has the initial responsibility to determine the
AGO 1968 NO. 3 >
DISTRICTS - IRRIGATION - ELECTIONS - QUALIFICATIONS OF VOTERS Except in the case of ownership of more than ten acres of land in an irrigation district, as provided for by RCW 87.03.045, the fact that the same person holds a number of qualifying legal or equitable interests in one or more parcels
AGO 1968 NO. 4 >
TAXATION - OYSTERS - PROPERTY TAX STATUS OF OYSTERS IN THEIR BEDS In view of the respective definitions of "real property" and "personal property" for ad valorem tax purposes, oysters in their beds should be regarded as personal property and taxed as such.       
AGO 1968 NO. 5 >
TAXATION - ASSESSMENT OF PROPERTY - PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX EXEMPTION - GOODS IN TRANSIT. The provisions of RCW 84.36.171-84.36.174, relating to the "free port" exemption from property taxation, do not permit the exemption to be obtained through use of a formula whereby the total volume of tax
AGO 1968 NO. 6 >
BANKS AND BANKING - SALE - REGULATION OF BANK CREDIT CARD TRANSACTIONS. Where the holder of a bank credit card (e.g., Firstbank card or BankAmericard) uses this credit card to purchase goods or service from a participating vendor, the transaction is governed by the regulatory provisions of the
AGO 1968 NO. 7 >
DISTRICTS - SCHOOLS - CERTIFICATED EMPLOYEES - NURSES. (1) A person who is certificated as a school nurse by the state board of education under the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 18-84-075 through 090, but who does not hold a certificate which will entitle her to be assigned to a teaching
AGO 1968 NO. 8 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - STATE - DEPARTMENT OF WATER RESOURCES - CITIES AND TOWNS - WATER - APPROPRIATION OF PUBLIC WATERS FOR NONCONSUMPTIVE MUNICIPAL USE. Where the public waters of a stream are "fully appropriated," a city may nevertheless acquire a permit from the department of water resources
AGO 1968 NO. 9 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - COUNTY - SHERIFF - MOTOR VEHICLES - LIENS - RECOVERY AND DISPOSITION OF STOLEN VEHICLES. (1) Where a sheriff finds a reported stolen vehicle abandoned on a public highway or at some other place in his county, he may, in the absence of available public equipment and
AGO 1968 NO. 10 >
COUNTIES - FOREST - TAXATION - DISTRICTS - DISTRIBUTION AND PRORATION OF STATE FOREST LAND REVENUES. Where state forest land revenues are distributed to a county by the department of natural resources under the provisions of RCW 76.12.030 and 76.12.120, they are to be prorated and paid to the