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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1986 NO. 1 > Jan 16 1986
Click Here to View Full Opinion (PDF)   COUNTIES ‑- BUDGET ORDINANCE ‑- HOME RULE COUNTY ‑- COUNTY PROSECUTING ATTORNEY ‑- EFFECT OF APPROPRIATION ON STATUTORY FUNCTIONS OF PROSECUTING ATTORNEY  A legislative authority of a home rule county may condition its appropriation to the prosecuting
AGO 1986 NO. 2 > Jan 29 1986
AGRICULTURE ‑- LABOR AND LANDLORD LIENS ON CROPS ‑- TO BE FILED FOR RECORD  RCW 60.12.070 contemplates laborers' and landlords' liens on crops be filed for record which requires recording procedures, not filing
AGO 1986 NO. 3 > Feb 18 1986
COUNTIES ‑- ASSESSOR ‑- TAXES ‑- VALUATION OF PROPERTY ‑- PRESUMPTION OF CORRECTNESS  In an appeal to the State Board of Tax Appeals from a county board of equalization, the presumption of correctness established by RCW 84.40.0301 in valuation of property for taxation applies to the determination
AGO 1986 NO. 4 > Feb 10 1986
OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- STATE ‑- TERM OF OFFICE ‑- EFFECT OF LEGISLATIVE REDUCTION ON TERMS AND SALARIES OF STATE LIQUOR BOARD MEMBERS  Legislative reduction of the terms of office of current members of the Washington State Liquor Control Board does not infringe upon a right of the members to a
AGO 1986 NO. 5 > Feb 25 1986
FUNDS ‑- INDUSTRIAL INSURANCE ‑- PENSION ‑- SCHOOL FUNDS ‑- TRUSTS ‑- CONSTITUTIONALITY OF INVESTMENT IN SECURITIES LENDING AGREEMENTS AND REVERSE REPURCHASE AGREEMENTS The permanent common school fund, public pension and retirement funds, and the industrial insurance trust funds may be invested in
AGO 1986 NO. 6 > Mar 21 1986
COUNTIES ‑- REDIVISION ‑- SHORT SUBDIVISION ‑- ADJUSTING BOUNDARY LINES The dividing of a lot in a previously approved subdivision into two halves with the intent that one‑half be sold and attached to an adjoining parcel outside the subdivision does not create a boundary line adjustment
AGO 1986 NO. 7 > May 9 1986
PUBLIC RECORDS ‑- STATUTES ‑- TAXATION ‑- AUTHORITY OF STATE AGENCY TO REQUIRE PRODUCTION OF INFORMATION FOR TAX RESEARCH ‑- CONFIDENTIALITY OF TAXPAYER INFORMATION The Department of Revenue has statutory authority to require private businesses to provide information to the Department for research
AGO 1986 NO. 8 > Jun 13 1986
DISTRICTS ‑- PUBLIC HOSPITALS ‑- PUBLIC RATES ‑- PERCENTAGE DISCOUNT ON RATES APPROVED BY STATE HOSPITAL COMMISSION A public hospital district, meeting the statutory requirements set out in RCW 70.39.140, may give a percentage discount on its public rates approved by the State Hospital Commission
AGO 1986 NO. 9 > Jun 25 1986
CITIES AND TOWNS ‑- POLICE ‑- CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION ‑- AUTHORITY TO INVESTIGATE PERFORMANCE OF INDIVIDUAL OFFICER A police civil service commission does not have statutory authority under chapter 41.12 RCW to investigate allegations of misconduct in the performance of police duties made by a
AGO 1986 NO. 10 > Jul 9 1986
TAXATION ‑- GAMBLING ‑- ENFORCEMENT ‑- USE OF PROCEEDS FROM TAX ON GAMBLING ACTIVITIES Revenue from the tax on gambling activities authorized by RCW 9.46.110 must be used chiefly, or for the most part, to enforce gambling laws.  However, revenues from the tax on amusement games must be used solely