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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1995 NO. 1 >
DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH - AGRICULTURE - HEALTH - AUTHORITY TO EMBARGO FOOD GROWN IN A "FOOD CONTROL AREA" Neither the Department of Agriculture nor the Department of Health has authority to administratively designate a "food control area" (such as the area surrounding the
AGO 1995 NO. 2 >
SALARY - COMPENSATION - COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES - STATE BUDGET -WHETHER INCREASED VACATION LEAVE AMOUNTS TO INCREASED SALARY A college may increase the vacation leave of its employees without thereby increasing their "salaries" for purposes of interpreting salary increase limits contained in the
AGO 1995 NO. 3 >
SCHOOLS - DISTRICTS - STUDENTS - RELIGION - USE OF SCHOOL DISTRICTS' FACILITIES BY STUDENT GROUPS FOR RELIGIOUS PURPOSES 1.         The state constitution does not prohibit schools from adopting a "limited open forum" policy for student organizations making use of school districts' facilities, even
AGO 1995 NO. 4 >
MUNICIPAL JUDGES - CITIES - ELECTIONS - OFFICES AND OFFICERS - STATUTORY INTERPRETATION - EFFECTIVE DATE OF AMENDMENT MAKING CERTAIN MUNICIPAL COURT JUDGESHIPS ELECTIVE 1.         RCW 3.50.055, enacted in 1993 but effective January 1, 1995, requires certain municipal court judgeships to be filled
AGO 1995 NO. 5 >
TAXATION - PROPERTY - VALUATION - CONSTITUTIONAL REQUIREMENTS ON IMPOSITION OF AD VALOREM PROPERTY TAX 1.         Article 7 of the Washington State Constitution does not require that property subject to ad valorem property tax be assessed at 100 per cent of true and fair value. 2.         The State
AGO 1995 NO. 6 >
TAXATION - PROPERTY - EXEMPTIONS - PROPERTY JOINTLY OWNED BY A CITY AND A PRIVATE CORPORATION A coliseum owned jointly by a private corporation and a city is neither wholly nor partially exempted from state and local property taxes under article 7, section 1 of the state constitution or RCW 84.36.
AGO 1995 NO. 7 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - PUBLIC UTILITY DISTRICTS - COMMISSIONERS - DISTRICTS - SALARIES AND WAGES - COMPENSATION - Authority of public utility district commissioners to receive additional compensation for service as president or secretary of the board of commissioners. A public utility district
AGO 1995 NO. 8 >
COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES - SCHOOLS - TEACHERS - CHURCHES - RELIGION - PLACING STUDENT TEACHERS FROM PUBLIC COLLEGES IN RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS It would violate the state and federal constitutions to place students at state-funded colleges and universities and student teachers in "pervasively religious"
AGO 1995 NO. 9 >
MUNICIPAL JUDGES - MUNICIPAL COURTS - MUNICIPAL DEPARTMENTS - CITIES -COUNTIES - ELECTIONS - FILLING VACANT MUNICIPAL COURT OR MUNICIPAL DEPARTMENT POSITIONS 1.         If a vacancy occurs in a municipal court position established under Chapter 35.20 RCW (cities of over four hundred thousand
AGO 1995 NO. 10 >
TAXATION - PUBLIC FUNDS - COUNTIES - CITIES AND TOWNS - TOURISM - USE OF EXCISE TAXES LEVIED UNDER RCW 67.28.210 FOR PRODUCTION AND SALE OF SHIRTS PROMOTING LOCAL COMMUNITY EVENT 1.         The term "tourist expansion" as used in RCW 67.28.210 refers to activities designed to increase tourism and