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Bob Ferguson

AGO 2023 NO. 1 >
LAW ENFORCEMENT—POLICE—SHERIFF—Use Of “Physical Force” By Law Enforcement 4.         [a] Peace officers may not use physical force when providing emergency aid unless a statutorily-enumerated circumstance allowing officers to use force applies, such as that there is an imminent threat of bodily
AGO 2023 NO. 2 >
SCHOOLS—SCHOOL PROPERTY—HEALTH CARE SERVICES—STATUTORY AUTHORITY—Authority Of School Districts Regarding Health Care Clinics 1.         The conclusion we reached in AGO 1988 No. 2 continues to be correct in that school districts lack the statutory authority to operate or establish adolescent health
AGO 2023 NO. 3 >
CITIES AND TOWNS—GROWTH MANAGEMENT ACT—MOBILE HOMES—ZONING—Phased Elimination Of Existing Manufactured Housing Community RCW 35.63.161, RCW 35A.63.146, and RCW 36.70.493 prevent a local government from ordering the removal or phased elimination of an existing manufactured housing community as a