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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1998 NO. 1 >
COMMUNITY COLLEGES - OFFICES AND OFFICERS - SALARIES AND WAGES - DEFERRED COMPENSATION - Authority of community college Boards of Trustees to grant salary increases to college presidents in light of statutory restrictions. 1. When the term of employment of a community college president expires,
AGO 1998 NO. 2 >
PUBLIC DISCLOSURE LAW - Authority of public agencies to allow inspection and copying of lists of individuals. RCW 42.17.260 prohibits public agencies from disclosing or allowing the inspection of lists of individuals if the requester intends to make commercial use of the information; the
AGO 1998 NO. 3 >
PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION BENEFIT AREA - CITIES AND TOWNS - COUNTIES - Authority of Public Transportation Benefit Area to contract with cities or counties for projects benefiting public transportation services. A Public Transportation Benefit Area (PTBA) may contract with a city, town, or county whose
AGO 1998 NO. 4 >
PLATTING AND SUBDIVISIONS - COUNTIES - CITIES AND TOWNS - GROWTH MANAGEMENT ACT - Effect of Growth Management Act on option of counties to require resubdivision of lands platted before 1937. The Growth Management Act does not obligate a county to require the replatting or resubdivision of lands in
AGO 1998 NO. 5 >
STATE TREASURER - INITIATIVE NO. 601 - FUNDS The State Treasurer is not authorized to withdraw monies previously deposited in the emergency reserve fund or in the education construction fund pursuant to Initiative 601 (RCW 43.135.045); however, the Treasurer may take into account possible changes
AGO 1998 NO. 6 >
SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION - STATE CONSTITUTION - LEGISLATURE - SCHOOLS - EDUCATION - Authority of the Legislature to define powers and duties of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. 1. The Legislature has discretion to prescribe the specific duties of the Superintendent of Public
AGO 1998 NO. 7 >
AIR POLLUTION CONTROL AUTHORITIES - CITIES AND TOWNS - COUNTIES - AIR - Selection of member of air pollution control authority who represents largest city in county. 1.  When an air pollution control authority is comprised of a single county, the member representing the largest city in the
AGO 1998 NO. 8 >
PUBLIC FUNDS - SCHOOLS - RELIGION - EMPLOYERS AND EMPLOYEES - Constitutionality of proposed legislation providing background checks for private school employees at public expense. It would not be a gift of public funds or lending of state credit to require fingerprint-background checks of current
AGO 1998 NO. 9 >
CITIES AND TOWNS - LEOFF RETIREMENT SYSTEM - OPTIONAL MUNICIPAL CODE - Authority of a code city to enact an ordinance to designate a chair of a local LEOFF disability board. A code city lacks authority to determine, by local ordinance, who shall serve as chair of the city's LEOFF disability board;
AGO 1998 NO. 10 >
CITIES - OPTIONAL MUNICIPAL CODE - ELECTIONS - “Waiting period” between elections on change in form of city government. When a code city has conducted an election on the question of abandonment of plan of government pursuant to chapter 35A.06 RCW, and the result of the election was to retain the