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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1998 NO. 11 >
DEATH - DEATH CERTIFICATES - OFFICES AND OFFICERS - COUNTIES - CORONER - Authority to issue certificate of presumptive death. The county coroner or equivalent officer has discretion to decide whether to issue a certificate of presumptive death as to a person whose body has not been found but who
AGO 1998 NO. 12 >
COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES - STATE EMPLOYEES - SALARIES AND WAGES - COMPENSATION - BUDGET AND APPROPRIATION ACTS - APPROPRIATIONS - Extent to which a university may vary individual salary increases given language in operating budget appropriation funds for an “average” increase. Under the
AGO 1998 NO. 13 >
COURTS - COUNTY CLERK - RECORDS - Authority of county clerks to share confidential case file information with Judicial Information System. Where a statute or court rule directs that courts will share information with one another for the better administration of justice, or other suitable purposes
AGO 1998 NO. 14 >
PUBLIC UTILITY DISTRICTS - ELECTRICAL - Authority of public utility district to engage in services ancillary to primary statutory purposes. A public utility district has authority to sell and lease electrical fireplaces and other electrical appliances, and by contract to repair those appliances
AGO 1998 NO. 15 >
PUBLIC MEETINGS - OPEN PUBLIC MEETINGS ACT - COUNTIES - RECORDING OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS - Authority of county to restrict video and/or sound recording of county meetings. A county does not have authority to ban video or sound recording of a meeting required to be open to the public by the Open