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AGO 2017 NO. 1 >
TAXATION—ROADS AND STREETS—HIGHWAYS—COUNTIES—Eligibility Of Counties To Receive State Fuel Tax Revenues Under The Rural Arterial Program Counties lose eligibility to participate in the rural arterial program if the county chooses to divert revenues from the county road levy to pay for (1) civil or
AGO 2017 NO. 2 >
LAW AGAINST DISCRIMINATION—AFFIRMATIVE ACTION—DISCRIMINATION —CONTRACTS—CONTRACTORS AND SUBCONTRACTORS—Use Of Race- Or Sex-Conscious Measures Or Preferences To Remedy Discrimination In State Contracting Initiative 200 does not categorically prohibit all uses of race- or sex-conscious measures in
AGO 2017 NO. 3 >
COUNTY COMMISSIONER—SHERIFF—EMPLOYERS AND EMPLOYEES— BUDGET—COMPENSATION—LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS—Designation And Compensation Of Unclassified Employees Of The County Sheriff’s Office RCW 41.14.140 applies to the unclassified positions within the sheriff’s office. But RCW 41.14 applies differently
AGO 2017 NO. 4 >
COMMISSION ON SALARY FOR ELECTED OFFICIALS—OPEN PUBLIC MEETINGS ACT—Legislative Authority To Combine The Commission On Salaries For Elected Officials With Another Agency, And Of Commission To Hold Regular Meetings By Telephone Conference Call The legislature could combine the Commission on
AGO 2017 NO. 5 >
OPEN PUBLIC MEETINGS ACT—PUBLIC MEETINGS—CONFIDENTIALITY—ETHICS—MUNICIPALITIES—CRIMES—Whether Information Learned In An Executive Session Is Confidential 1.         Information learned in a properly-convened executive session of a governing body of a public