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AGO 1969 NO. 1 >
INDUSTRIAL INSURANCE - LABOR - COMPUTATION OF EMPLOYER PREMIUM PAYMENTS - PENSION CLAIMS. (1) When computing the "average cost of pension claims," under RCW 51.16.020, for the purpose of determining the premium charges to employers under the state industrial insurance act, it is legally
AGO 1969 NO. 2 >
CONSTITUTIONAL LAW - AMENDMENT - COMPENSATION OF DISTRICT AND COUNTY OFFICERS - INCREASES. (1) Pursuant to RCW 54.12.080, the commissioners of a public utility district "fix their own compensation" within the meaning of the constitutional amendment contained in H.J.R. No. 13; accordingly, these
AGO 1969 NO. 3 >
TAXATION - REAL ESTATE EXCISE TAX - TRANSFER OF REAL PROPERTY FROM OWNER TO HIMSELF AS TRUSTEE FOR HIS OWN BENEFIT. The real estate excise tax provided for by chapter 28.45 RCW does not apply to a conveyance of real property from the owner thereof to himself as trustee for his own benefit, with
AGO 1969 NO. 4 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - STATE - POLLUTION CONTROL COMMISSION - ADOPTION OF WATER QUALITY STANDARDS FOR WATERS OF THE STATE. (1) The water pollution control commission has the authority to establish water quality standards for waters of the state under RCW 90.48.035, including waters found in canals
AGO 1969 NO. 5 >
FIREARMS - OWNERSHIP OR POSSESSION OF PISTOLS - PROBATION - RESTORATION OF CIVIL RIGHTS. (1) The provisions of RCW 9.41.040, which prohibit certain convicted persons from owning or carrying a pistol, do not apply to an individual who has obtained a dismissal of criminal proceedings under RCW 9.95.
AGO 1969 NO. 6 >
TAXATION - PROPERTY - EXEMPTIONS - ALUMINA - BARLEY MALT LIQUOR - TAXATION - TRUE AND FAIR VALUE OF BEER. (1) In determining the "true and fair value" of beer which is still in storage in the brewer's warehouse, the federal excise tax on beer is not to be regarded as an element of its value. (2)
AGO 1969 NO. 7 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - COUNTY - PROSECUTING ATTORNEY - JUVENILE COURTS - INCOMPATIBLE OFFICES (1) The supreme court's adoption of the new juvenile court rules does constitute a "nondebatable" emergency so as to justify the expenditure of those county funds which are necessary to implement, and
AGO 1969 NO. 8 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - STATE - INSTITUTIONS - TEMPORARY DETENTION OF COUNTY JAIL PRISONERS. The department of institutions presently has no authority, under the provisions of chapter 239, Laws of 1967 (chapter 39.34 RCW), or any other statute, to enter into a contract with a county for the
AGO 1969 NO. 9 >
LOTTERIES - GAMBLING - PINBALL MACHINES - PUNCHBOARDS - PULL TABS - CARDS - BINGO - AUTHORITY TO LICENSE - CITY - COUNTY. (1) The possession of (a) a multiple coin "bingo" type pinball machine, or (b) a punchboard or pull tab device each of which is more fully described in the body of this opinion
AGO 1969 NO. 10 >
DISTRICTS - SCHOOLS - DIRECTOR DISTRICTS - BOUNDARIES - VOLUNTARY CHANGE OF RESIDENCE FROM ONE DIRECTOR DISTRICT TO ANOTHER - VACANCY. In a school district which has been divided into school director districts under RCW 28.57.050, a school director's voluntary removal of his place of residence