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AGO 1969 NO. 11 >
TAXATION - REAL AND PERSONAL PROPERTY - INTEREST RATE - EFFECT OF AMENDMENT OF STATUTE. The interest rate of 10% per annum which is provided for by § 3, chapter 216, Laws of 1969, Ex. Sess., with respect to the collection of delinquent real and personal property tax is applicable to property taxes
AGO 1969 NO. 12 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - CITY - POLICE OFFICERS - PENSIONS - WIDOWS - COMPUTATION. (1) The amendment contained in § 26, chapter 209, Laws of 1969, Ex. Sess., deleting the proviso in § 1, chapter 140, Laws of 1961 (RCW 41.20.085) under which certain police widows' pensions were to be reduced by the
AGO 1969 NO. 13 >
CITIES AND TOWNS - PENSIONS - RETIREMENT - ELIGIBILITY OF POLICE OFFICERS FOR INCREASED RETIREMENT ALLOWANCE. (1) In order to qualify for retirement in a position higher than the rank of captain, in accordance with RCW 41.20.050, as amended by § 36, chapter 209, Laws of 1969, Ex. Sess., it is not
AGO 1969 NO. 14 >
DISTRICTS - SCHOOLS - BONDS - DEBT LIMITATION - BONDING CAPACITY OF SCHOOL DISTRICTS. (1) Under § 1, chapter 142, Laws of 1969, which establishes the bonding capacity of a school district as being a certain percentage of the "value of the taxable property in such district," the measuring property
AGO 1969 NO. 15 >
TAXATION - AD VALOREM - VALUATION OF REAL PROPERTY - PHYSICAL INSPECTION BY COUNTY ASSESSOR. (1) Under RCW 84.41.040, it is necessary that, prior to changing the "true and fair value" of real property for purposes of taxation, a county assessor make a physical inspection of the subject property. (
AGO 1969 NO. 16 >
DISTRICTS - SCHOOLS - COUNTIES - INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL DISTRICTS - TRANSFER OF COUNTY FUNDS - COUNTY SUPPORT OF INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL DISTRICTS UNDER CHAPTER 176, LAWS OF 1969, EX. SESS. (1) A board of county commissioners will be in compliance with § 18, chapter 176, Laws of 1969, Ex. Sess., if,
AGO 1969 NO. 17 >
PENSION FUND - CITY FIREMEN - INVESTMENT OF MONEY IN FIREMEN'S PENSION IN CLASSES OF INVESTMENTS. A city firemen's pension board organized under RCW 41.16.020 is authorized to invest moneys in its firemen's pension fund in the classes of investments enumerated in the amendatory language of § 1,
AGO 1969 NO. 18 >
DISTRICTS - PORT - TIDELAND LEASES - DISPOSITION OF RENTALS. (1) Such amounts as the board of natural resources deducts from rentals on harbor area or tideland leases under the authority of RCW 79.64.040 are to be subtracted from the total amount paid in determining the net amount of rental
AGO 1969 NO. 19 >
TAXATION - ESTABLISHMENT OF UNIFORM MILLAGE RATE FOR CERTAIN COUNTIES. The assessor of a county of the fifth class or under, in implementation of the authority granted to such counties under RCW 84.52.050, may not fix a greater millage rate for the county's regular property tax levy for general
AGO 1969 NO. 20 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - COUNTY - PROSECUTING ATTORNEYS - SALARIES - PAYMENT OF ONE HALF BY STATE - FRINGE BENEFITS The requirement in RCW 36.17.020, as amended by § 1, chapter 226, Laws of 1969, Ex. Sess., that "one half the salary of each prosecuting attorney shall be paid by the state" does not