Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1969 NO. 21 > Oct 28 1969
TAXATION - EXEMPTION - REFUND OF PROPERTY TAXES TO PERSONS EXEMPT UNDER RCW 84.36.128. A person exempted from paying the first $50 of a given year's real property tax under RCW 84.36.128, who nevertheless pays this amount by reason of mistake, inadvertence or lack of knowledge, need not have
AGO 1969 NO. 22 > Nov 25 1969
PENSIONS - FIREMEN - POST-RETIREMENT PENSION INCREASES FOR CERTAIN WIDOWS OF DECEASED MUNICIPAL FIREMEN The widow of a municipal fireman (covered under the provisions of chapter 41.18 RCW at the time of his death) whose death in line of duty or retirement for service connected disability occurred
AGO 1969 NO. 23 > Dec 15 1969
CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT - LEGISLATURE - WITHDRAWAL OF PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT - SUBMISSION OF TWO AMENDMENTS TO SAME PART OF CONSTITUTION. (1) Under the provision of Article XXIII, § 1 (Amendment 37) of the Washington Constitution, once the legislature has considered and agreed to a
AGO 1969 NO. 24 > Dec 22 1969
DISTRICTS - PUBLIC UTILITY - PORT - IRRIGATION - RECLAMATION - RECLAMATION REVOLVING FUND BOND PURCHASES FOR RECLAMATION PROJECTS. (1) A public utility district is authorized to construct, operate and maintain an irrigation water distribution system for the purpose of reclaiming lands for