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Bob Ferguson

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COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES ‑- COMMUNITY COLLEGES ‑- INSURANCE ‑- STATE RISK MANAGEMENT ACT ‑- PURCHASE OF BONDS AND LIABILITY INSURANCE FOR COMMUNITY COLLEGES (1) Under the provisions of chapter 270, Laws of 1977, 1st Ex. Sess., the risk management office of the State Department of General
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TAXATION—STATE—LEGISLATURE—REIMPOSITION OF TIMBER EXCISE TAX Given that the timber excise tax imposed by RCW 82.04.291 will expire on December 31, 1978, under existing legislation, if the legislature were to reimpose the tax during its next (1979) regular session, effective January 1, 1979, such
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OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- STATE ‑- LEGISLATOR ‑- SALARIES ‑- SALARIES PAYABLE TO PERSONS APPOINTED OR ELECTED TO SENATE VACANCIES (1) A person who is either appointed or elected to an unexpired term to which the $3,800 per year salary provided for by chapter 149, Laws of 1974, 1st Ex. Sess., is
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COURTS ‑- JUSTICE ‑- JURIES ‑- IMPOSITION OF JURY FEES IN CIVIL AND CRIMINAL CASES IN DISTRICT JUSTICE COURTS (1) The provisions of RCW 12.12.030, as amended by §§ 2 of chapters 53 and 248, Laws of 1977, 1st Ex. Sess., are applicable to civil proceedings in district justice courts organized under
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DISTRICTS ‑- FIRE PROTECTION ‑- AMBULANCES ‑- USE OF PAID FIREFIGHTERS TO ASSIST IN THE OPERATION OF PRIVATELY OWNED AMBULANCES A fire protection district does not have the legal authority, under existing statutes, to maintain and provide a paid firefighter who has first aid training, to ride with
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BUILDINGS ‑- STATE BUILDING CODE ‑- APPLICABILITY TO FEDERAL AGENCIES The state building code, as set forth in chapter 19.27 RCW, does not apply to the construction of buildings in Adams County by the Bonneville Power Administration, a federal agency.        
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HOLIDAYS ‑- LABOR ‑- MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES ‑- PAID HOLIDAYS UNDER RCW 1.16.050 AS AMENDED Under the provisions of RCW 1.16.050, as amended by § 1, chapter 111, Laws of 1977, 1st Ex. Sess., the employees of a political subdivision remain entitled to one paid "floating" holiday per year but only in the
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RETIREMENT ‑- PENSIONS ‑- LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS' AND FIRE FIGHTERS' RETIREMENT SYSTEM ‑- COMPUTATION OF DISABILITY LEAVE AND DISABILITY RETIREMENT ALLOWANCES (1) Where a Plan I member of the Law Enforcement Officers' and Fire Fighters' Retirement System has been placed on disability leave under
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GAMBLING ‑- LICENSES ‑- CORPORATIONS ‑- CONDUCT OF FUND-RAISING EVENT Although a bona fide charitable or nonprofit organization organized primarily for purposes other than the conduct of gambling activities may, under the circumstances set forth in RCW 9.46.030(3), conduct bingo, raffles and
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DISTRICTS ‑- SCHOOLS ‑- PROPERTY ‑- LEASE OF SURPLUS SCHOOL DISTRICT PROPERTY (1) Subject to the qualifications stated below, a school district may lease its surplus facilities, under RCW 28A.58.040, to private schools, profit or nonprofit organizations or other governmental agencies so long as the