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Bob Ferguson

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CRIMES ‑- PENALTIES ‑- COURTS ‑- PENALTY FOR FAILURE TO APPEAR FOLLOWING RELEASE ON PERSONAL RECOGNIZANCE Except in the case of violations occurring between September 8, 1975 and July 1, 1976, to which RCW 10.19.130 applies, a person who fails to appear before a court after release on personal
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OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- CITY ‑- MAYOR ‑- POST COMMISSIONER ‑- INCOMPATIBLE PUBLIC OFFICES ‑- SIMULTANEOUS SERVICE AS MAYOR OF FOURTH CLASS CITY AND PORT DISTRICT COMMISSIONER (1) Because of the common law doctrine of incompatible public offices, the same individual may not simultaneously serve as a
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CITIES AND TOWNS ‑- DISTRICTS ‑- PUBLIC UTILITY DISTRICTS ‑- CONSERVATION ‑- CONTRACTS ‑- SALES OF CONSERVATION MATERIALS TO PUBLIC UTILITY CONSUMERS (1) The provisions of Article VIII, § 7 of the Washington Constitution prohibit a city or public utility district from assisting its utility
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DISTRICTS ‑- PORT ‑- PUBLIC WORKS PROJECTS ‑- CONTRACTS ‑- APPLICABILITY OF CHAPTER 39.04 RCW TO PUBLIC PORT DISTRICTS The provisions of chapter 39.04 RCW, relating to public works projects by the state and certain municipalities, are applicable to public port districts organized pursuant to Title
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COUNTIES ‑- FUNDS ‑- COUNTY ROAD FUND ‑- CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE OF BICYCLE PATHS WITHIN CITY LIMITS A county may expend monies in its county road fund to construct and maintain bicycle paths, including a bicycle path within city limits on city-owned property not necessarily in conjunction
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OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑ STATE ‑ URBAN ARTERIAL BOARD ‑ FUNDS ‑ HIGHWAYS ‑ STREETS ‑ ROADS ‑ UTILIZATION OF URBAN ARTERIAL TRUST ACCOUNT MONEYS (1) The Urban Arterial Board (UAB) may allocate urban arterial trust account moneys for construction projects on city arterials which form a part of the
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OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- COUNTY ‑- COMMISSIONERS ‑- PROPERTY ‑- HOUSING AUTHORITIES ‑- SALE OF PROPERTY BY COUNTY COMMISSIONER TO COUNTY HOUSING AUTHORITY Except under certain special circumstances whereby the normal relationship between a board of county commissioners and a county housing authority
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COUNTIES ‑- TAXATION ‑- MODIFICATION OF LOCAL SALES OR USE TAX FOR PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION A county which has heretofore imposed a local sales and use tax for public transportation under the provisions of (former) RCW 82.14.047, with voter approval, may now reduce the rate of that tax while at the
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DISTRICTS ‑- SCHOOL ‑- EMPLOYEES ‑- APPROPRIATION FOR SCHOOL DISTRICT AVERAGE COMPENSATION INCREASES (1) For the purposes of § 96(1), chapter 339, Laws of 1977, 1st Ex Sess., a school district's average compensation level for the 1976-77 school year is to be computed on the basis of the
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CITIES AND TOWNS ‑- OPTIONAL MUNICIPAL CODE ‑- FILLING PROSPECTIVE VACANCY ON CITY COUNCIL Where a city council member in a code city operating under the mayor-council plan of government indicates his or her intent to resign as of a specified date certain in the future, no vacancy will come into