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ELECTIONS—CITIES AND TOWNS—FEDERAL PREEMPTION—Authority Of Code Cites To Modify System For Electing City Council Members To Comply With Federal Voting Rights Act 1.State law allows a code city to divide into wards for use at the primary for nominating candidates for the city council but requires
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MUNICIPALITIES—DEBT (GOVERNMENTAL)—LEASES—ENERGY—Whether A Municipality Creates Indebtedness When It Enters Into A Lease Purchase Agreement As Part Of A Performance-Based Energy Contract   An equipment lease purchase agreement under which a municipality is not required to make payments entered into
AGO 2016 NO. 3 >
PHYSICAL THERAPISTS—Scope Of Practice Of Physical Therapy The practice of dry needling does not fall within the scope of practice of a licensed physical therapist. April 15, 2016 The Honorable Eileen Cody State Representative, District 34 PO Box 40600 Olympia, WA   98504-0600   Cite As
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OPTOMETRISTS/OPHTHALMOLOGISTS—SURGERY—Use Of Corneal Burr By Optometrist The scope of practice for optometrists excludes ophthalmic surgery. If the use of a corneal burr involves the removal or penetration of human tissue to treat disease or enhance appearance, then it would constitute ophthalmic
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LOBBYING—STATE AGENCIES—PUBLIC WORKS AND IMPROVEMENTS—Authority Of Public Works Board To Lobby The Legislature The Public Works Board has the authority to provide the legislature with information relating to the Board’s business and may advocate for the Board’s official positions and appropriation
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DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND WILDLIFE—PERMIT—WATER—RIVER—TIDELANDS—Regulatory Authority Under The Hydraulic Project Approval Process Related To Activities Above The Ordinary High Water Line   The regulatory authority of the Department of Fish and Wildlife to require hydraulic project approval is not
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OFFICES AND OFFICERS—SCHOOLS—PLANNING AND COMMUNITY AFFAIRS AGENCY—INCOMPATIBLE OFFICES—CONFLICT OF INTEREST—APPEARANCE OF FAIRNESS DOCTRINE—Same Person Holding The Offices Of School Director And Planning Commissioner 1.         Although it is an extremely close question and could depend on the
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AIRCRAFT—VESSELS—Whether Statute Prohibiting Vessels Or Other Objects From Approaching Within Two Hundred Yards Of A Southern Resident Orca Whale Applies To Drones Drones are most likely included within the term “other object” as used in RCW 77.15.740, prohibiting persons from causing vessels or