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Bob Ferguson

AGO 2007 NO. 1 >
DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND WILDLIFE – SHORELINE MANAGEMENT ACT – DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY -   Extent to which hydraulic project approval permits or shoreline substantial development permits are required for the planting, growing, and harvesting of farm-raised geoduck clams. 1.  The Department of
AGO 2007 NO. 2 >
AIR POLLUTION CONTROL AUTHORITIES – AIR POLLUTION – CITIES AND TOWNS – Whether cities and towns lying within an Indian reservation are subject to assessment for expenses of an air pollution control authority. Where an air pollution control authority is coterminous with a county, and portions of the
AGO 2007 NO. 3 >
SCRAP METAL – PAWNBROKERS – PROPERTY – Extent to which certain scrap metal is subject to the requirements of RCW 19.60. 1. A pawnbroker or second-hand dealer in the business of purchasing scrap metal for recycling and remanufacture is not required to follow the reporting requirements of RCW 19.60.
AGO 2007 NO. 4 >
FIREARMS – Whether certain weapons meet the statutory definition of “short-barreled shotgun.” If a weapon, as originally manufactured, did not meet the statutory definition of a “shotgun,” then the weapon is not a “short-barreled shotgun” for purposes of state law, either as originally
AGO 2007 NO. 5 >
INSURANCE – INSURANCE COMMISSIONER – PUBLIC RECORDS – PUBLIC DISCLOSURE LAW – Extent to which RCW 48.02.065, making certain records confidential and privileged, mandates nondisclosure of the records in response to a public records request.   1.        
AGO 2007 NO. 6 >
INTERLOCAL COOPERATION ACT – LEOFF RETIREMENT SYSTEM – PUBLIC EMPLOYEES’ RETIREMENT SYSTEM – FIRE FIGHTERS – CITIES AND TOWNS – FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICTS – RETIREMENT – “Employer” status for retirement system purposes of nonprofit corporation formed by cities and fire protection districts to carry
AGO 2007 NO. 7 >
SCHOOL DISTRICTS – TAXATION – PROPERTY – Extent to which taxable property located in dissolved school district is subject to excess tax levies previously approved in district to which territory is transferred.   When a school district is dissolved and all of its territory is transferred to
AGO 2007 NO. 8 >
SALES AND USE TAX – TAXATION – DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE - Applicability of sales tax deferral program (RCW 82.60) to certain activities of Internet companies.   The sales tax deferral program established in RCW 82.60, providing sales and use tax deferrals to investments in “manufacturing”