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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1957 NO. 51 >
SCHOOLS ‑- DISTRICT REORGANIZATION (1) If an order adjusting assets and liabilities of school districts affected by a transfer of territory is entered after March 1 of a given year, the order may properly transfer to the district to which the territory is transferred, a sum of money equivalent to
AGO 1957 NO. 52 >
SCHOOLS ‑- TEACHERS' SALARIES ‑- BASIS FOR DISTRIBUTION OF INCREASE A board of directors need not give an increase of $505.50 to each certificated employee of the district under the provisions of Sec. 2, Ch. 301, Laws of 1957.  The board may adopt a graduated schedule or other basis so long as all
AGO 1957 NO. 53 >
LICENSES ‑- DRUGLESS THERAPEUTICS ‑- CHANGE IN WORDING OF LICENSE Licenses for the practice of drugless therapeutics should be issued for the practice of the particular coordinated branch of drugless therapeutics that the applicant intends to practice.  Such license should not contain the
AGO 1957 NO. 54 >
"P" MISC PUBLIC WORKS ‑- COMPENSATION OF STATE, COUNTY AND MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES THEREON Regular employees of the state, or any county, municipality, or political subdivision created by its laws, whose wages are predicated upon a monthly or per diem basis, that are employed upon public works, are
AGO 1957 NO. 55 >
LEGISLATURE ‑- INTERIM COMMITTEE EXPENSES Members of joint fact finding committee on highways, streets and bridges are entitled to reimbursement for expenses plus mileage for days or parts of days spent traveling to and from meetings of the committee
AGO 1957 NO. 56 >
REAL ESTATE ‑- BROKER'S LICENSES Real estate brokers, licensed as individual brokers, but operating under the control of and being responsible to, the designated broker of a licensed corporation, should be licensed as associate brokers rather than individual brokers
AGO 1957 NO. 57 >
COUNTIES:BOUNDARIES FORMED BY RIVERS -- RIVERS: CHANGING COURSE OF, AS AFFECTING COUNTY BOUNDARY A sudden change in the course of a river which forms the boundary between counties does not change the boundary to conform to the new course of the river
AGO 1957 NO. 58 >
PUBLIC UTILITY DISTRICTS GROUP INSURANCE ‑- INCLUSION OF RETIREMENT BENEFITS A public utility district may provide retirement benefits to its employees as part of its "group insurance" program
AGO 1957 NO. 59 >
CITIES AND TOWNS; OFFICERS ‑- CITIES; INCENTIVE AWARD PROGRAMS Cities, by ordinance, may make incentive awards to employees for suggestions of merit which might, or could, aid in service to the public, or reduce costs.  As a budget item, such awards are properly "Operating and maintenance expenses
AGO 1957 NO. 60 >
VACANCIES IN COUNTY PARTISAN ELECTIVE OFFICES Vacancies in partisan elective county offices are filled by board of County Commissioners.                                                                   - - - - - - - - - - - - -