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Bob Ferguson

AGLO 1980 NO. 31 > Nov 3 1980
OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- COUNTY ‑- AUDITOR ‑- PLATS AND SUBDIVISIONS ‑- LAND SURVEYS ‑- PROCESSING AND RECORDING OF LAND SURVEYS (1) A county auditor is legally authorized to reject records of survey which do not meet the requirements set forth in chapter 332-130 WAC, chapter 58.09 RCW and chapter
AGLO 1980 NO. 32 > Nov 18 1980
PENSIONS ‑- RETIREMENT ‑- INDUSTRIAL INSURANCE ‑- LEOFF ‑- SIMULTANEOUS PAYMENT OF DISABILITY LEAVE AND WORKERS' COMPENSATION Neither RCW 41.26.130(4) nor anything contained in the state Industrial Insurance Act preclude a Plan I LEOFF member who is on disability leave because of injuries sustained
AGLO 1980 NO. 33 > Dec 31 1980
OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- STATE ‑- BOARD OF INDUSTRIAL INSURANCE APPEALS ‑- APPLICABILITY OF EXECUTIVE CONFLICT OF INTEREST LAW The Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals is not a part of the judicial branch of state government for purposes of determining the applicability of the Executive Conflict of
AGLO 1980 NO. 34 > Dec 31 1980
COUNTIES ‑- CITIES AND TOWNS ‑- PENSIONS ‑- RETIREMENT ‑- PROBATIONARY EMPLOYEES ‑- MEMBERSHIP IN LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS' AND FIRE FIGHTERS' RETIREMENT SYSTEM It is not necessary for a city fire fighter or a county deputy sheriff to have satisfactorily completed the probationary periods of