Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1951 NO. 184 >
AVIATION AIRCRAFT ‑- NONRESIDENT OWNERSHIP ‑- TAXATION EXCISE AND REGISTRATION FEES. The state may collect an excise tax under chapter 49 of the Session Laws of 1949 upon aircraft continuously based in the State of Washington for ninety consecutive days and owned by a nonresident of the State of
AGO 1951 NO. 185 >
UNIFORM NARCOTIC AND DRUG ACT ‑- FIRST OFFENSE THEREUNDER. A first offense within section 20, chapter 22, Laws of 1951, Second Extra Session, means a first offense against this chapter and prior offenses against other sovereigns are not to be considered in determining whether the lesser punishment
AGO 1951 NO. 186 >
FOURTH CLASS TOWNS A fourth class town is included in a statute dealing with cities of any class.                                  
AGO 1951 NO. 187 >
DIRECTORS OF SCHOOL DISTRICTS, FIRST-CLASS, HAVE AUTHORITY TO SELECT A SCHOOL BUILDING SITE WITHOUT A VOTE OF THE DISTRICT. Must a school district which has procured funds for the construction of a school building and the acquisition of a school site through a program of special levies and bond
AGO 1951 NO. 188 >
SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATIONS ‑- LIQUIDATION PROCEEDINGS ‑- CASHING OF CHECKS. The Supervisor of the Division of Savings and Loan may cancel and void unpaid checks which are deposited with him at the close of liquidation proceedings pursuant to §§ 108 and 112, chapter 235, Laws of 1945 (3717-227
AGO 1951 NO. 189 >
COUNTY FRANCHISES TO TELEPHONE COMPANY. Purchase by a telephone company of duplicating telephone lines along routes over which the purchaser has a right, by franchise, to operate, does not impose upon such a purchaser, the franchise obligation of the seller telephone company.    
AGO 1951 NO. 190 >
AUTHORIZATION OF TOLL BRIDGE AUTHORITY TO TRANSFER RESIDUAL BALANCE FROM THE LAKE WASHINGTON TOLL BRIDGE BOND FUND TO THE MOTOR VEHICLE FUND. The Washington Toll Bridge Authority may by resolution authorize allocation of surplus Lake Washington Toll Bridge funds, after payments of all obligations
AGO 1951 NO. 191 >
CLOSING REGISTRATION BOOKS PRIOR TO CITY ELECTION. The thirtieth day preceding a city election is the first day upon which registration books are required to be closed, against original registrations.  Transfers of registrations may occur for fifteen days thereafter, but if the fifteenth day
AGO 1951 NO. 192 >
ELECTION OF COMMISSIONERS IN PUBLIC HOSPITAL DISTRICTS. All voters in a public hospital district vote for all candidates for commissioner, irrespective of the district represented.                    
AGO 1951 NO. 193 >
BRINGING COUNTY HOSPITAL EMPLOYEES UNDER THE STATE MERIT SYSTEM. The board of county commissioners may not bring the employees of the county hospital under the state merit system as administered by the state personnel board.