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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1961 NO. 81 >
PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT ‑- STATE AND MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES ‑- MILITARY LEAVE ‑- RESERVE MEETINGS. Employees of the state an of its political subdivisions are not entitled as a matter of right to a leave of absence to attend week end or week night military reserve meetings held during the employees'
AGO 1961 NO. 82 >
CITIES AND TOWNS ‑- FIRST CLASS ‑- POLICE OFFICERS ‑- PENSION RIGHTS. Where members of the police force of a first class city are paid a basic salary by virtue of the position held, plus an amount based upon longevity, such longevity pay is not to be considered in establishing the amount of
AGO 1961 NO. 83 >
DISTRICTS ‑- SCHOOLS ‑- BOARD OF DIRECTORS ‑- AUTHORITY TO MAKE REPAIRS AND IMPROVEMENTS TO SCHOOL DISTRICT PROPERTY THROUGH THE DISTRICT'S SHOP AND REPAIR DEPARTMENT. The board of directors of a school district does not have the authority under § 1, chapter 224, Laws of 1961, to make repairs and
AGO 1961 NO. 84 >
DISTRICTS ‑- SCHOOLS ‑- APPROPRIATION FOR INCREASE IN TEACHERS' SALARIES ‑- BASIS FOR COMPUTING INCREASE. (1) Where several senior members on the teaching staff of a school district during the school year 1960-61 have retired or transferred from the district their salaries need not be considered
AGO 1961 NO. 85 >
ELECTIONS ‑- POLITICAL PARTIES ‑- ENDORSEMENT OF CANDIDATES IN PRIMARY ELECTION. There is no state law which prohibits a political party in this state from endorsing a candidate in the primary election since such "endorsement" of a political party cannot exclude others from filing for the same
AGO 1961 NO. 86 >
TAXATION ‑- REAL ESTATE EXCISE ‑- APPLICABILITY TO CREATION OF JOINT TENANCY. Where in accordance with a prior agreement an individual transfers separately owned real estate to a grantee by a deed reciting consideration of love and affection and the grantee pursuant to the same agreement then