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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1984 NO. 11 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- STATE ‑- CORRECTIONS STANDARDS BOARD ‑- JAILS ‑- COUNTIES ‑- CITIES ‑- APPLICABILITY OF MINORITY AND WOMEN'S BUSINESS ENTERPRISES ACT (1) The State Corrections Standards Board is not required by chapter 120, Laws of 1983, the Minority and Women's Business Enterprises Act, to
AGO 1984 NO. 12 >
DISTRICTS ‑- PORT ‑- ANNEXATION ‑- NONCONTIGUOUS TERRITORY  RCW 53.04.080, relating to annexation by a public port district, does not authorize such a district to annex noncontiguous (or nonadjacent) territory located elsewhere within the county.        
AGO 1984 NO. 13 >
COURTS ‑- JUDGES ‑- LAWYERS ‑- MARRIAGE ‑- SOLEMNIZATION OF MARRIAGE BY JUDGE OR JUSTICE PRO TEM  A lawyer (including a retired former judge) who does not otherwise hold a judicial office but who has been appointed to serve as a judge pro tem of a superior court pursuant to RCW 2.08.180, as a
AGO 1984 NO. 14 >
AGRICULTURE ‑- DAIRIES AND FOODS ‑- LIENS ‑- APPLICABILITY OF PREPARER LIEN TO DAIRY LICENSES  RCW 20.01.030 does not exempt persons or businesses licensed under the dairy laws of Washington from the "preparer lien" provided for in RCW 20.01.630.        
AGO 1984 NO. 15 >
WORKERS' COMPENSATION ‑- INDUSTRIAL INSURANCE ‑- EMPLOYERS ‑- FUNDING CERTAIN INDUSTRIAL INSURANCE BENEFITS  Where an employer who is certified to self-insure its workers' compensation obligations has paid a permanent partial disability award to an employee who subsequently becomes totally and
AGO 1984 NO. 16 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- COUNTY ‑- SHERIFF ‑- FUNDS ‑- RETENTION BY COUNTY SHERIFF OF LOST OR ABANDONED MONEY A county sheriff, who officially comes into possession of "lost and found" money, may not keep and retain that money for his office's own use under any of the applicable provisions of
AGO 1984 NO. 17 >
PUBLIC WORKS ‑- CONTRACTS ‑- COMPETITIVE BIDDING ‑- CONTRACT FOR CONSTRUCTION OF WASHINGTON STATE CONVENTION AND TRADE CENTER Under chapter 39.04 RCW, and consistent with public policy as expressed in judicial decisions regarding public works contracts, the concept of competitive bidding is
AGO 1984 NO. 18 >
LANDLORD AND TENANT ‑- REAL ESTATE ‑- INTEREST ‑- MAINTENANCE OF SECURITY DEPOSITS ‑- ASSIGNMENT OF INTEREST TO PROPERTY MANAGER  Owners of residential income properties may assign their entitlement (under RCW 59.18.270) to interest on a trust bank account containing damage or security
AGO 1984 NO. 19 >
WATER ‑- WELLS ‑- EMINENT DOMAIN ‑- APPROPRIATION AND USE OF GROUND WATER UNDER 1945 GROUND WATER CODE AS AMENDED  (1) Under the State Ground Water Code of 1945, as amended, the extent of protection for the holder of a ground water right established subsequent to the enactment thereof is
AGO 1984 NO. 20 >
COURTS ‑- JUSTICE ‑- JUSTICE COURT ACT OF 1961 ‑- COMPENSATION OF JUSTICES PRO TEM AND VISITING JUDGES (1) The correct compensation to be paid under RCW 3.34.130 to a pro tem district court judge is one two-hundred fiftieth of the annual salary of a full-time district court judge (as provided for