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Bob Ferguson

AGLO NO. 41 >
WATERS ‑- PUGET SOUND AND OCEAN BEACHES ‑- RIGHT OF PUBLIC TO USE OF PUGET SOUND BEACHES Because the factors upon which AGO 1970 No. 27 [[to Jonathan Whetzel, State Representative on December 14, 1970]], relating to the right of the public to use the ocean beach areas of the state, are not present
AGLO NO. 42 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- STATE ‑- DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE ‑- STATE PATROL ‑- TAXATION ‑- PUBLIC RECORDS ‑- DISCLOSURE OF TAX RECORDS TO STATE PATROL RCW 82.32.330 does not prohibit the state department of revenue from disclosing to the organized crime intelligence unit of the Washington state patrol,
AGLO NO. 43 >
INITIATIVE NO. 276 ‑- COMMUNITY COLLEGES ‑- USE OF COMMUNITY COLLEGE FACILITIES IN CONNECTION WITH POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS Lawfulness of the expenditure of funds or use of facilities by a community college for the purpose of conducting a campaign for the support of or opposition to a political campaign
AGLO NO. 44 >
ELECTIONS ‑- INITIATIVE NO. 276 ‑- CAMPAIGN FINANCING ‑- APPLICABILITY OF INITIATIVE NO. 276 TO CANDIDATES FOR FEDERAL OFFICE Although it remains unclear that RCW 42.17.240 is now unenforceable with respect to candidates seeking election to the United States Senate or House of Representatives, in
AGLO NO. 45 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- STATE ‑- GAME PROTECTORS ‑- STATUS OF GAME PROTECTORS AS PEACE OFFICERS Such game protectors as are employed under RCW 77.04.020 do constitute peace officers as defined by RCW 9A.04.110(15) to the limited extent of the law enforcement authority vested in them by RCW 77.12.
AGLO NO. 46 >
ABORTIONS ‑- PARENTAL OR SPOUSAL CONSENT ‑- IMPACT OF RECENT SUPREME COURT DECISIONS In view of decisions rendered by the United States Supreme Court in Parenthood of Central Missouri, et al. v. Danforth, 44 L.W. 5197 andBellotti, et al. v. Baird, et al., 44 L.W. 5221 (1976), neither the parental
AGLO NO. 47 >
INITIATIVE NO. 276 ‑- PUBLIC RECORDS ‑- DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE'S ACCESS TO CERTAIN LIQUOR CONTROL BOARD RECORDS Read in the light of Initiative No. 276, RCW 66.16.090 does not now prohibit the liquor control board or its employees from disclosing the identity of, or permitting examination of its
AGLO NO. 48 >
LABOR ‑- RAILROADS ‑- EMPLOYEES ‑- REQUIRING RAILROAD EMPLOYEES TO PURCHASE THEIR OWN UNIFORMS RCW 81.40.060 does not prohibit a railroad from requiring it employees to purchase their own uniforms; instead, the statute merely makes it unlawful for a railroad or other transportation company to
AGLO NO. 49 >
COUNTIES ‑- OFFICERS ‑- ELECTIONS ‑- FREEHOLDERS ‑- NONPARTISAN COUNTY OFFICERS A county charter may provide for the nonpartisan election of county council members
AGLO NO. 50 >
CITIES ‑- TOWNS ‑- ANNEXATION ‑- APPLICABILITY OF ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY ACT Applicability of state environmental policy act to annexation by cities, towns and special districts