Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1950 NO. 209 > Jan 30 1950
PAYMENT OF EXECUTIVE SECRETARY The executive secretary may be paid from the appropriation for salary and wages of the Social Security Department.  The executive secretary may be paid from the county current expense fund if there is conformity with the pertinent statutes relating to county budget
AGO 1950 NO. 210 > Jan 30 1950
ELECTIONS -- CITIES AND TOWNS -- NOTICE OF SPECIAL ELECTION -- JURISDICTION OF ELECTION OFFICIALS (1) The notice provision of the 1949 election law has no application to municipal elections to authorize excess levies. (2) Under the 1949 election law the county auditor, as supervisor of elections,
AGO 1950 NO. 211 > Jan 30 1950
PORT DISTRICT DEBT LIMITS Warrants issued in anticipation of Revenues of a port district are not debts within contemplation of the constitutional debt limit
AGO 1950 NO. 212 > Jan 31 1950
MOTOR VEHICLE SAFETY RESPONSIBILITY ACT -- 1949 AMENDMENT THEREOF -- PROTECTION OF EMPLOYEES OF MUNICIPALITIES 1. Officers, agents and servants of municipal corporations are subject to provisions of Financial Responsibility Act as amended by chapter 211, Laws of 1949. 2. Municipal employee
AGO 1950 NO. 213 > Jan 31 1950
RECIPIENTS OF WORK RELIEF COVERED BY WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION ACT Recipients of work relief employed in extrahazardous work by counties or municipal corporations in carrying out authorized function of particular governmental unit sponsoring projects are covered by Workmen's Compensation Act
AGO 1950 NO. 214 > Feb 3 1950
INSURANCE -- SECOND CLASS SCHOOL DISTRICTS A second class school district which has purchased an insurance policy from an automobile casualty company with premium definitely fixed and no provision for assessment, as a part of the same transaction may not make a contribution to a service corporation
AGO 1950 NO. 215 > Feb 3 1950
INVESTMENT OF PROCEEDS OF VETERANS COMPENSATION BONDS Money in the war veterans compensation fund in excess of current requirements may be invested under the provisions of chapter 91, Laws of 1935, and United States Treasury bills are eligible for investment
AGO 1950 NO. 216 > Feb 9 1950
PAYMENT OF LOCAL IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT ASSESSMENTS The appropriation contained in chapter 242, Laws of 1949, for the payment of local improvement district assessments, is available for payment of all assessments certified to you as having been levied by the proper authorities of any (a) incorporated
AGO 1950 NO. 217 > Feb 9 1950
COUNTY COMMISSIONERS -- COMPENSATION OF A SUPERVISOR EMPLOYED BY THEM The statutory limitation contained in the proviso to chapter 200, Laws of 1949, is inapplicable to a supervisor directly employed by and under the supervision of the county commissioners
AGO 1950 NO. 218 > Feb 14 1950
SCHOOLS -- SCHOOLHOUSES AND SITES 1. A vote of the electors is required to authorize construction of a schoolhouse by the board of directors. 2. A majority of the legal school electors who vote on a proposition authorizing the construction of a school building is sufficient approval without