Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1953 NO. 102 > Jul 24 1953
PRINTING ‑- CONTRACTS FOR OUT OF STATE PRINTING ‑- APPLICABILITY OF STATUTE TO PUBLIC (STATE) PRINTER Chapter 287, Laws of 1953, relating to contracts for out of state printing is not applicable to the public (state) printer
AGO 1953 NO. 103 > Jul 27 1953
EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT SYSTEM ‑- TIME OF APPLICATION FOR SERVICE RETIREMENT Limitations as to time of submitting application for optional retirement are not applicable to application for service retirement
AGO 1953 NO. 104 > Jul 27 1953
INTERIM COMMITTEES ‑- LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL ‑- TRANSFER OF FUNDS TO ANOTHER COMMITTEE --LEGISLATIVE INTERIM COMMITTEES ‑- FUNDS AVAILABLE Funds appropriated for the expenses of the legislative council may be made available to the interim committee on industrial insurance.  The Governor may make
AGO 1953 NO. 105 > Jul 28 1953
MOTOR VEHICLES ‑- TRAILERS ‑- LICENSES ‑- MOTOR VEHICLE EXCISE TAX ‑- PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX Questions and answers relative to licensing and payment or collection of motor vehicle excise tax or personal property tax upon trailers, including house trailers, as affected by section 5, chapter 252, Laws
AGO 1953 NO. 106 > Jul 29 1953
PUBLIC ACCOUNTANCY ‑- USE OF WORD "AUDIT" IN TITLE OF COMPANY NOT REGISTERED UNDER CHAPTER 226, LAWS OF 1949 The use of the word "audit" in the name of the company not registered under chapter 226, Laws of 1949, is not a violation of that act; however, the use to which such company name is employed
AGO 1953 NO. 107 > Jul 30 1953
FEES ‑- JUDGMENT FEE TO BE PAID IN PROCEEDINGS TO MODIFY DIVORCE DECREE No additional fee can be charged for entry of modified divorce decree in proceedings under chapter 26.08 RCW.  Judgment fee, however, should be charged for entry of judgment denying or granting application to vacate or modify
AGO 1953 NO. 108 > Aug 6 1953
BOARD OF TRUSTEES, CITY PUBLIC LIBRARY -- COMPLIANCE WITH CHAPTER 216, LAWS OF 1953, RELATING TO NOTICE OF MEETINGS OF GOVERNMENTAL BODIES Trustees of city public library must comply with notice requirement of chapter 216, Laws of 1953
AGO 1953 NO. 109 > Aug 6 1953
CLOSURE OF STATE HIGHWAYS AND MOVEMENT OF LOADS IN EXCESS OF LIMITATIONS PROVIDED BY LAW The Washington State Highway Commission does not have authority to close a section of a state highway for a temporary period, to permit the moving of a load upon the highway in excess of the limitations
AGO 1953 NO. 110 > Aug 7 1953
MERIT SYSTEM OF MAY 1, 1952, DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS ‑- EMPLOYEE STATUS ‑- QUALIFYING EXAMINATION Employees of the Department of Public Institutions under Merit System of May 1, 1952, appointed prior to effective date of system, automatically receive permanent status after completion of
AGO 1953 NO. 111 > Aug 8 1953
OFFICERS, MUNICIPAL ‑- REIMBURSEMENT FOR TRAVEL EXPENSES INCURRED WITHIN OR WITHOUT THE STATE Where a statute, expressly or by implication, authorizes the governing body of a municipality to order travel by a municipal officer, within or without the state, that officer may also be reimbursed for