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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1953 NO. 82 >
CITY ATTORNEY ‑- THIRD CLASS CITIES ‑- LEAVE OF ABSENCE FOR MILITARY SERVICE ‑- STATUS OF SUCCESSOR Where the duly elected city attorney of a third class city is called into military service and granted a leave of absence his office is not vacant.  The person appointed acting city attorney
AGO 1953 NO. 83 >
SCHOOL DISTRICTS ‑- FIRST CLASS ‑- AUTHORITY OF DIRECTORS TO SELL PROPERTY TO STATE FOR HIGHWAY PURPOSES WHERE VALUE EXCEEDS $20,000.00 ‑- NECESSITY FOR VOTE OF ELECTORS Where property of a first class school district is required for state highway purposes, the directors of the district may
AGO 1953 NO. 84 >
DEPARTMENT OF FORESTRY ‑- ADMINISTRATIVE LAW --AUTHORITY OF SUPERVISOR OF FORESTRY UNDER RCW 76.08.040 The Supervisor of Forestry may under the provisions of RCW 76.08.040 require the permittee or operator to build fire trails and fall timber in such a manner that trees reserved for seed purposes
AGO 1953 NO. 85 >
PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS ‑- DEAD BODIES ‑- DISPOSITION OF UNCLAIMED BODIES OF DECEASED INMATES AT STATE INSTITUTIONS ‑- RESPONSIBILITY FOR COST OF BURIAL 1. State institutions have no authority to embalm, bury, cremate or otherwise dispose of unclaimed bodies of deceased inmates. 2. The jurisdiction of
AGO 1953 NO. 86 >
VACATIONS ‑- PAID ANNUAL LEAVE OF STATE EMPLOYEES The statute contemplates fourteen calendar days' vacation with pay.                               
AGO 1953 NO. 87 >
PROPERTY TAXES ‑- OMITTED PROPERTY ‑- IMPROVEMENTS, UNASSESSED The omission of an improvement in assessing real property may be corrected by first, the county assessor and secondly, by the county board of equalization.               
AGO 1953 NO. 88 >
HIGHWAY COMMISSION ‑- FRANCHISES ‑- AUTHORITY TO REFUSE TO GRANT The Washington State Highway Commission cannot be compelled to grant franchises under RCW 47.44 or 47.52 except by a court of competent jurisdiction, and then only upon a showing that the refusal to grant a franchise was occasioned by
AGO 1953 NO. 89 >
CLAIM AGAINST STATE ‑- MERGER OF CAUSE OF ACTION AND JUDGMENT ‑- APPROPRIATIONS ‑- STATE AUDITOR Where a claim against the state for old age assistance accrued during the previous biennium and a judgment for the amount of such claim was entered in the current biennium, such claim was merged with
AGO 1953 NO. 90 >
COUNTY PROPERTY ‑- DISPOSITION ‑- REQUIREMENT OF COURT ORDER DECLARING SURPLUS --TAXATION ‑- SALE OF TAX FORECLOSED PROPERTY 1. Chapter 133, Laws of 1953, does not apply to the sale of tax title property. 2. Chapter 133, Laws of 1953, modifies RCW 36.34.130 to the extent that it requires the court
AGO 1953 NO. 91 >
REAL ESTATE BROKERS ‑- ASSOCIATE BROKERS AND SALESMEN ‑- LICENSE FEES ‑- TEMPORARY PERMITS ‑- TRANSFERS (1) A real-estate broker or salesman whose license has been suspended by order of the director is entitled to have his license reinstated upon a lifting of the suspension without the payment of