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Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1954 NO. 212 > Feb 23 1954
CITIES ‑- CHARTER AMENDMENTS ‑- PUBLICATION ‑- CONSTITUTIONAL REQUIREMENT. Proposed amendment, Sec. 33-A, to the Bellingham charter could not be validly passed at the general city election to be held March 9, 1954.  Consequently, it should not be placed upon the ballot.  The petition, because of
AGO 1954 NO. 213 > Feb 23 1954
DISTRICTS ‑- FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICTS ‑- LEVY AND ASSESSMENT ‑- DATE OF CREATION FOR PURPOSES OF TAX LEVIES. Assessments may not be levied for 1954, payable in 1955, for the support of a fire protection district where the election to ratify the creation of the district will be held March 9, 1954
AGO 1954 NO. 214 > Feb 24 1954
SCHOOLS ‑- SCHOOL DISTRICTS ‑- CONSTRUCTION OF HIGH SCHOOL ‑- CONTRIBUTIONS BY NON-HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICTS. Non-High school districts may not make capital contributions for the construction of high school buildings located in another non-high school district
AGO 1954 NO. 215 > Feb 25 1954
CAMPUS PARKWAY ‑- STATE HIGHWAY COMMISSION ‑- AUTHORITY OF STATE HIGHWAY COMMISSION TO TRANSFER TITLE OF CAMPUS PARKWAY TO CITY OF SEATTLE. The State Highway Commission may transfer title of the campus parkway to the City of Seattle provided it complies with statutory procedure
AGO 1954 NO. 216 > Feb 26 1954
GAME VIOLATIONS ‑- SEIZURE OF GUNS ‑- FORFEITURE. RCW 77.12.100 authorizing a justice of the peace to forfeit a gun seized by a game protector while being unlawfully used or held with intent to unlawfully use does not require a conviction of the offender as a condition precedent to forfeiture
AGO 1954 NO. 217 > Feb 26 1954
LOCAL IMPROVEMENT ASSESSMENTS, DELINQUENT ‑- COLLECTION, WHEN LEVIED ON COUNTY TAX-TITLE PROPERTY. Where the lien of delinquent local improvement district assessments attached to property after county had acquired tax title thereto, procedure for collection must be under RCW 35.49.070
AGO 1954 NO. 218 > Mar 2 1954
CITIES AND TOWNS ‑- TAXATION ‑- ADMISSIONS TAX ‑- POWER TO COLLECT FROM OTHER GOVERNMENTAL SUBDIVISIONS  ‑-  SCHOOLS AND SCHOOL DISTRICTS  ‑- LIABILITY TO PAY TO CITY The City of Seattle may require Seattle School District No. 1 to collect and remit to the city the admission tax imposed by
AGO 1954 NO. 219 > Mar 3 1954
MOTOR VEHICLE EXCISE TAX ‑- SOLDIERS' AND SAILORS' CIVIL RELIEF ACT. The motor vehicle excise tax may not be waived to permit nonresident military and naval personnel to license their vehicles here tax free
AGO 1954 NO. 222 > Mar 15 1954
LEASE ON BEHALF OF STATE DEPARTMENTS ‑- TERM BEYOND BIENNIUM ‑- VALIDITY. Lease of office space for state department can lawfully be executed for term longer than biennium; but state will not be bound thereby if legislature refuses to make appropriation therefor, or discontinues the department
AGO 1954 NO. 223 > Mar 18 1954
STATE TAX COMMISSION ‑- SCHOOL DISTRICT BUDGETS ‑- APPOINTMENT OF CITIZEN MEMBERS OF COUNTY REVIEWING COMMITTEES. Citizen members of county reviewing committees hold office at the pleasure of the State Tax Commission.  The Tax Commission is authorized to adopt procedures which will facilitate the